10 Free Linux E-books For Beginners


Just ran across this. Half the books are in PDF format and the rest in HTML.

To check the quality I downloaded "Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference." It is a 170 pagebooklet in PDF format. It covers up to Ubuntu 8.04. On a quick look I'd rate it as excellent.  The other I haven't checked so please leave a comment here for others if you download them

1) Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide

2) Bash Guide for Beginners

3) Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition

4) The Linux Starter Pack

5) FLOSS Manuals

6) The Easiest Linux Guide You’ll Ever Read

7) Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial

8) Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

9) Linux Newbie Administrator Guide

10) Slackware Linux Basics



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