Easily Create Posters, Business Cards, Collages Etc For Free


Canva windowCanva (www.canva.com) is a rather clever web-based graphic design system that makes it really easy to create flyers, posters, album covers, infographics, invitations, business cards, book covers and just about any other design you want.

Choose from a large library of designs, then change the text and layout as you wish. When you're finished, download your masterpiece to your PC and it's ready to use.

What's extra clever is Canva's pricing model. All of the basic features and designs are free, as are the layouts. And there are hundreds of images that you can choose from, to drag and drop onto your design.

There are also more than a million additional images which you can also choose from, which cost $1 each. You can try them out during the design phase, and you only pay once you finalise and download your finished artwork.

As long as you're happy with the free images, symbols etc, Canva is completely free to use, and it's available both as a web site and an iPad app. So if you need to design something, or you just want to see whether you could actually do so, here's your chance to find out. And because it's all online, there's no software to download to your computer. Just go to www.canva.com and get started.

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I was foolish enough to sign up for this site. I should of checked the comments first. I too hope this is not going to become the norm with Gizmo recommendation's.

Can't even browse the site with connecting it to your Facebook acct. ie. giving them all your personal details. That's not free, that's giving them access to a lot of data they will no doubt sell. The alternative is to create an account. The only way to delete an account is to write to them and request it. Ridiculous. Anyone signing up should do so with a temporary account. I hate sites like this that won't even let you look at them without signing up.

I couldn't agree more. Sadly, when these sites keep hiding behind a wall like this, it's frequently because they spent way too much time trying to monetize and way too little time on useability. I have nothing against making a buck, but authors / site owners need to get priorities straight. I won't be giving it a try either.

I had another look at the site. Everything except the demonstration costs money. I do hope that this isn't the way that Gizmo's excellent site is headed - only the try out is free and even for that you have to give them your details (which they will sell). Bit disappointed in this. But it is rare I am disappointed by anything on this site, so np.

It comes up with this error "Whoops! We're still preparing this design for you. Try again in a few minutes."

Shame, I know I am interested in something like this, maybe the editor could do a review on this subject as there are many sites that offer this service..



So I signed up with a temp. email. 4th step is 'search for your favorite fruit'. All the ones I searched for cost $1. There wasn't a free one. Then eventually I finished the design and got the same error as you, Bernardz. I tried again, searched for palm tree (no free ones), searched for mango (no free ones) etc etc. Then get to the end and its "Whoops!" I am sure the site worked great with lots of freebies for Gizmo, but sadly not for me.