A lightweight, portable and lossless mp3 splitter that is a joy to use


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An audio cutter that's lightweight, simple, efficient and user friendly; neat interface.
Mainly restricted to MP3.

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mp3DirectCut is the best free choice if your main need is simply to cut/split mp3 files. It's a lightweight, portable, lossless mp3 splitter that is a joy to use, even on less powerful computers.

Like other top audio file splitters, mp3DirectCut incorporates an audio player with a volume unit (VU) meter which lets you see as well as hear the points where you want to cut. mp3DirectCut offers a good range of handy features, including pause detection, CUE sheet support, looping, volume gain, fading, trimming and ID tagging, etc.

It's a pleasure to get to know this no-frills program. There's an excellent manual (available here, as well as a useful tutorial on how to make a ring tone with mp3DirectCut. Splendid, straightforward portable freeware.

The current version of the application comes in with graphical buttons. If you prefer descriptive text buttons like the screenshot below, try to get an older version available here.


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I got it elsewhere but it won't open in Win10.
I had used it several years ago and it was an excellent program.

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