A nifty good CD ripper with line-in sampling


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License: Free
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Clean interface; easy to use and portable; feature rich; line-in sampling.
Installs a third party search tool and alters browser settings.

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Audiograbber is a nifty good piece of software and the developer has taken it up to put in multi-language help files that are accurate and user friendly. Now how does the ripper itself work? Getting to that in just a bit.

The website says that it can actually read many different cd drives… So I put a CD ROM drive from way back in 1998 to the test and to my amazement it read it quite well. I wouldn't comment on the speed of ripping though. Now I did try two other external DVD –RW drives as well (recent ones of course) and it read the CDs quite well.

In addition to its other features, it would commonly share with other CD Rippers on our category. It has Line-in sampling as well. This is a wonderful little CD Ripper delightfully made by its creator that offers up almost any option you could ask for.

It should be and it would have been rated higher had it not been for the Funmoods search settings that it installs and a tab to go along with it. I think that changing my search settings can be a real bother and I am sure quite a few of you out there would share the same feeling.

If you are willing to put up with the fact that it hasn't been updated in quite a while and the Funmoods tab, then this might be the CD Ripper for you.

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One of the best rippers, especially now that EAC CDDB function requires paid subscription and CDex CDDB function no longer works.

It did not alter my Firefox settings and did not install Funmoods or anything else.

I contacted the present Audiograbber manager and he said it had been updated in 2020.