Quickly Take Screenshots on Mac, Linux and Windows With Flameshot



This is a lightweight open source utility for creating screenshots on Windows, Linux and Mac. It provides an easy way to create and annotate screenshots.

Flameshot has all the usual features of a screenshot program along with good customization options and a set of useful keyboard shortcuts. Once you've made your selection, the editing tools appear on the desktop for instant use – one of its best features.

Along with the standard tools (blur, lines, arrows, add text, draw, highlight, counter bubbles) Flameshot allows you to upload screenshots to Imgur, can be set as the default PrintScreen option, and allows you to change what editing tools appear.

Flameshot is malware free according to VirusTotal and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Scroll down the page to the version you need - Windows versions are "flameshot_portable-0.9.0-win64.zip" (portable version) and "Flameshot-0.9.0-win64.msi" (installed version).

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Looks promising and handy to me. I'm definitely gonna give it a try for the next couple of weeks.
Thanks rhiannon.

I just found and reported a bug. Let's see how long it'll take the developers to solve it.
The willingness and speed to fix bugs is also an important factor to take into account imo.

They seem to update the program and it's still in early stages. That's great you found a bug, I hope they respond soon.

This does NOT work....numerous folks have the same issue. We are talking Windows 10 on a laptop Gram 17. You install and cannot open it.

I'm sorry it's not working for you.

Are you referencing the msi version or the portable version?

I installed both versions on Windows 10 a few weeks ago (desktop and laptop, two different versions of Windows 10) and both versions have been running fine on both systems.

I'm not sure what the issue is since I'm not experiencing it.