See Books from Your Local Library While Browsing the Internet


Library Extension for Chrome and Firefox

This add-on for Chrome and Firefox checks your local library for digital titles when you browse various sites. Just install, pick one or more libraries, and start to browse sites like Amazon and Goodreads.

Skip logging in to your library and searching for a book, this extension's goal is to make it convenient to see what your library has when you are visiting a supported site, not just searching their catalog. With this add-on, browse for books and whatever title you’re viewing appears in the pop up box the extensions uses. It displays title availability and format (eBook or audio book). If the title isn’t available a message saying “No similar titles were found” will appear. To borrow or reserve the book click the “Borrow” button and a new window opens the library page for your choice.

Once installed, click on the pile of books icon in the browser address bar. Choose your country and your state, then click the arrow on the box next to General Settings. A list of available libraries is displayed, simply choose the one you want to use (or more than one if you belong to multiple libraries).

If your library supports Hoopla, here's where you can opt to add Hoopla to the search results. OverDrive, Cloud Library, and Axis360 powered digital collections are automatically supported. The extension works supports over 4,000 libraries in sixteen countries.

The Library Extension automatically checks for titles when you browse these sites:

This is a really great add-on, having the add-on check library availability for any given title that you might be thinking of buying and being able to borrow or reserve it with one click is outstanding.


Side note: Amazon has started displaying popover ads in the last few days. If you use uBlock Origin and don't wish to see them, add this line to your "My filters" list and they should disappear: (this may display as a URL, it isn't. Copy and paste it into uBlock Origin)

Amazon may change the code over time, but for now the filter is working.

The extension doesn’t track your browsing behavior. It performs searches directly at the libraries. If you’re concerned about the permissions needed for the add-on to perform, see their FAQ for descriptions of how permissions are used and why.

If your library isn’t listed, contact them and they’ll add it. The only account you need to use the add-on is from any libraries you belong to.

Home page: Library Extension - See book availability from your local library
Chrome: Library Extension - Chrome Web Store
Firefox: Library Extension – Firefox Browser Add-ons

(h/t Dense Discovery)

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Incredible find. Thanks so much! I'll be using this a lot.

You're very welcome. I use it all the time. :)