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Annotation and editing features, merging and splitting PDFs, and work across multiple platforms.
Not allowed to fix typos in the original text in PDFs.

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Xodo gives you a PDF reader complete with annotation and editing features for free, with no ads or in-app purchases.

As available in most other capable PDF readers, Xodo lets you annotate PDFs with others in real time with standard PDF annotations, add comments, highlight, underline or strikeout text, draw or add arrows, circles or lines on PDFs, fill up PDF forms and sign documents.

In addition, Xodo allows you to merge PDFs into one file, drag-and-drop to re-order pages, and rotate or delete pages before saving them as a new PDF file.

Xodo is available in multiple platforms but with varying degrees of features at time of this review. The Android version of the app is known as Xodo PDF Reader & Editor with more editing features, while the iOS app is known as PDF Reader & Annotator by Xodo, the Windows app as PDF Reader - View, Edit, Annotate by Xodo and the Web app simplay as Xodo.

The Xodo Web app offers three distinct functions: (i) view and edit PDFs, (ii) merge PDF files, and (iii) organize PDF pages. Without the need to log in, you can perform one of these functions with PDF files either opened from your local computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

On the plus side, Xodo offers most of the annotations and editing features for PDFs, but on the minus side, it does not allow you to fix typos by editing original text in a PDF as available in other options reviewed in Best Free PDF Tools.


An Excellent PDF Reader With Free Editing Features And No Ads

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Time to rid of my Adobe bloatware PDF reader.

I didn't realise when i clicked to download the Windows version that it was coming from the Windows Store {or whatever MS calls it} and that it would be automatically installed on my computer with no options.

If it is only available from the windows Store, then I am not interested.
I suppose I am a 'control freak' in so far as I don't like being told what I can, and cannot do, on my computer.
EG I believe 'Windows S' only allows 'apps' from the Windows Store ?
If that is true, and MS offered me a free new laptop, that can only use programs (aka 'apps' AGH!) from the Windows Store, I would tell them to keep the laptop.
I consider 'Windows S' to be a crippled OS

For now, Windows S only runs apps from the Windows Store.

Depending on the specs of a laptop, you can install Windows 10. I recently did this for a friend who bought a new laptop but didn't want Windows S. It installed over Windows S with no issues.