An Excellent PDF Reader With Free Editing Features And No Ads



Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free PDF reader that has set the standard for reliably viewing, signing and annotating PDF documents, but you will need to purchase a subscription to get more PDF power to organize and edit PDFs, compress PDFs to reduce file size, combine files into one PDF file, etc.

As reviewed in this article Best Free PDF Tools, you can gain more PDF power for free without paying for a subscription. There are also some PDF solutions, like Xodo, that allow you to do more with PDF files at no charge.

Beside offering you a capable PDF reader with excellent annotation functions and a reflow reading mode for small screen devices, Xodo does not ask you to pay for merging or splitting PDFs, and re-ordering or rotating PDF pages.

Xodo is absolutely free with no ads and no in-app purchases. It is available across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and the Web. At this stage of development, the Android version known as “Xodo PDF Reader & Editor” offers more features than other versions of the app.



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I didn't realise when i clicked to download the Windows version that it was coming from the Windows Store {or whatever MS calls it} and that it would be automatically installed on my computer with no options.

I also did not realise that it was THAT sort of "app" - i do NOT allow Windows to install those on my computer; it has been removed.

I'll stick with Foxit.

Note that Google Analytics packages are included. Possible privacy issue?

Hi, when I try to download, nothing happens. Is this only an online service?

If so, do their T&Cs allow access to content?

Other the web app @bemuzeduk, it runs on other platforms including Windows, Android and iOS. You can get it here

Read also about their privacy policy here