Instantly Search Over 2 Million Recipes


Search Two Million recipes

This lightning quick search engine searches over 2 million recipes.

This recipe search engine started out as a project Instant Search 2 Million Recipes using Typesense, an open source, typo tolerant search engine that delivers fast and relevant results. It’s grown into a good tool for searching several recipe sites quickly.

Results from  search engine are fast and are presented in groups of 15 easy to read boxes that display the title, source, ingredients, and links to the source website. The ‘Read Cooking Directions’ link pops up the ingredients and cooking directions so you don’t have to wade through pages of text and photos, and a link to the source website. There’s a ‘Show more results’ button at the bottom that displays 15 more results. 
The layout makes it easy to glance quickly at the recipes. The interface is fast and functional and draws from a range of recipe sites like these: (community recipe site created by The Pioneer Woman)

Once you find a recipe and visit a source site on a site, here are two good resources that will extract or print only the recipe. One is a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome called Recipe Filter:
Recipe Filter Firefox
Recipe Filter Chrome:

The other resource is Copy Me That, a recipe manager/clipper that will copy a recipe from a site with a click of a button in your browser bookmark bar. Create a free account to save recipes to Copy Me That. There are premium tiers but the basic account is likely to be fine for most users.

The Instant Search 2 Million Recipes site is not a replacement for a search engine such as Google, but it’s a good alternative if you want to wade through the results.

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Excellent site. I tested it out searching for MILITARY STYLE SOS and found the EXACT military (Army) style recipe. Their USMC SOS was not 100% correct but the average home cook would not be able to tell the difference.

That's great! :)

Hi Rhiannon,
Wow, you hit another home run!
This tip will be HUGELY useful. I've tried it already for "red pepper soup" I'm making tomorrow.

I'm delighted you like it. :)