Gizmo is Retiring but Gizmo’s Freeware Goes On

Next week I will be turning 75 and I have made a decision to retire.  Many years ago I promised my wife that I was going to retire soon, but “soon” never arrived. Now it finally has.
Although I am retiring, nothing much is changing at Gizmo’s Freeware.  Things will pretty much go on as they have in the past except that I won’t be here to manage the site.
Instead of me alone, the site will now be managed by a group of four senior editors: Jojo, Glyn (Midnight Cowboy), Rhiannon and George Lewe.  I will have no role at all in the running of the site or its finances.
My retirement comes into effect on December 31. After that it will be all up to the new management team.  I’m confident the new team will bring some fresh ideas and new energy while retaining the community-based philosophy that characterises Gizmo’s Freeware and sets it aside from the rampant commercialism of many other sites. 
And with our recent fundraiser, I’ll be leaving the site in a strong financial position that will ensure its survival into 2021.
But before leaving, I want to thank the hundreds of volunteer editors who have worked on this website over the last decade.  Without them, this whole wonderful enterprise would not have been possible; they are the stars. From my heart, I thank them all deeply.
And may I thank you dear readers. Your support too has been essential both financially and in your never-ending encouragement. 
The last ten years has been an amazing journey but for me, that journey has come to an end.  
But in the hands of the new management team, this site will continue on and I’m sure will deliver truly wonderful things to our readers.
As for me, I will be entering a new phase of my life.  Thankfully, I am in excellent health which will allow me to tackle the long list of things I want to do, and the projects I want to complete.
So it’s goodbye from me. Thanks again and I wish you all health, peace, and happiness in 2021.

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Enjoy your retirement and thank you so much for many years of useful information. I'm glad too that the site will be continuing in good hands.

Thank you. You're efforts have been invaluable to me since you began so many years ago.

Cheers, m'dear!

Enjoy the well-deserved retirement! Everything you have done for all of us is so appreciated!

Sincere thanks for having selflessly given up your time, energy, knowledge and sense of humour to us all.

Thanks Gizmo for a great site. Have been a follower for as long as I have been on the 'net.
All the best for the future!

Thank you Gizmo for all your hard work!!

Thanks, goodbye, and enjoy your retirement!

Thanks Gizmo!
Your website is a thorn in the side of all those software webpages that put ‘commercial’ interests over helping the public

Your invention of an honest webpage without hidden agendas truly revolutionised how the public can obtain much needed information about FREE software

I can safely say your website revolutionised my life and how I can obtain maximal productivity from my computer

May TechSupportAlert live forever. Thank you to all the moderators who keep this dream alive

Ian has been such a friend to the freeware coders of this planet, and techsupportalert has always been one of the very best sites on the web. We will miss you.

-mouser from

many thanks for your dedication since you started. may you enjoy life more, knowing that you've helped many.

Enjoy your retirement, and I will join the chorus of voices claiming this is the end of an era. Your insights, knowledge and enthusiasm for this stuff have been a great resource for more people than you'll ever known -- thanks for everything!

Thanks for making this site and this community. It gives me memories of the old BBS days when techies helped techies with finding great software that wasn't necessarily mainstream.

You did real good.
Enjoy yourself.
You've earned it....

The end of an era. I remember when you first started with your freeware newsletter Ian and the TechSupportAlert site was little more than a basic repository for your newsletter archives. Although you probably won't remember, you and I used to communicate occasionally via email back in those days. You were, and always have been, a freeware guru with an extraordinary understanding of new and innovative freeware... and a thorough gentleman to boot. I sincerely wish you all the best in retirement and thank you for your years of helping us mere mortals.

Cheers... Jim in Oz

All the best for your retirement. This is a "go to" site for me every single day.
Many thanks.

Congratulations, Ian/Gizmo!
You've accomplished something great here. And the fact that it will continue without you is a testimony to how your vision of quality free software has resonated with others.
I remember the hoopla around Windows Secrets, which was not much more than just that: hoopla. But your work has stood the test of time.
Many thanks.
Bruce Fraser

Congrats! I’m your age but retired 10 years ago.

Gizmo has been a staple of mine since I first got internet. LOL
Thank you kindly!


Happy trails Ian !...
love, hugs and spitty kisses from Wally in Bundanoon, Oz

I had to login for the first time in years just to wish you the best. This website has helped me find the best freeware ever and helped steer me away from "acquiring" software. I used to show people this website all the time when I was working retail and helping people with their computer and electronic purchases. Sometimes they would come in looking software to do specific things and I would show them this site and tell them to see if they could find what they were looking for. Words really can't explain how valuable this site has been to me over the years. Enjoy your retirement and thanks again.for all you've done.

Good bye and thanks for all the fish!

Thank for all the years, best of luck in all you do in the future

Yes, it's amazing that 12 years+ have just sailed by and now we're left to pilot the ship without our venerable captain. Quite some challenge and quite an act to follow. Hopefully our current status and aims for the future will encourage a few more volunteers to come forward since we have quite a number of reviews in need of updating. As ever I'll be here to help whoever and with whatever I can. Thanks Gizmo for all your support and not least for enduring my off beat sense of humor. All the best to you and everyone else here for a pandemic free 2021. MC - Site Manager.
For me it started with "Gizmo's 46 Best" list many years ago, a list of free and useful PC software products. I liked the idea of freeware and finding good ones out there. Not before long I contacted Gizmo and the rest is history. The history of the Techsupportalert site and community. Thank you so much, Gizmo, for your contribution. What you have started will live on and we will do our best to manage it in your spirit. I wish you all the best for your retirement. Enjoy other great aspects of life now with your wife and maybe say Hello now and then. Thank you again for everything, George

By George!

All the best to you Gizmo, and thank you for this digital legacy that managed to survive through such rugged times!

Thank you !!!!!