Complete Guide to Open Source Privacy Tools and Online Safety


Complete Guide to Open Source Privacy Tools and Online Safety

Protect your online privacy with this guide to online safety and privacy tools.

This guide to Open Source privacy tools and online safety offers useful tools and information to make browsing safer and more private.

This guide is great overview of various aspects of online privacy. It discusses who you need to protect from and why, provides browser and search engine recommendations, how to minimize your browser fingerprint (CanvasBlocker for Firefox and Canvas Blocker for Chrome are useful for this), and disabling WebRTC (WebRTC is a new communication protocol that relies on JavaScript that can leak your IP address) in Firefox and Chrome.

There’s a list of helpful browser add-ons such as uBlock Origin and NoScript. ClearURLs for Firefox and Chrome (and most Chrome based browsers)removes tracking elements from URLs – those long strings of characters after a URL that often start with a question mark, utm, or other tracking element.

If you’re a Firefox user, there’s an impressive list of changes of Firefox about:config tweaks.

The section on Email is of interest, if you’re looking for a secure online email service Tutantota and ProtonMail have good basic free accounts with conservative storage limits that can be increased in the paid versions.

There are recommendations for Instant Messaging and Video and Voice Messaging services with privacy features or encryption. File storage, cloud storage, file syncing and cloud server applications recommendations are included as well.

There are suggestions for privacy focused password managers and secure password generators. Bitwarden, our top pick for best free password manager, is a secure, full featured free password manager.

File encryption, domain name services, secure note taking apps, productivity tools, secure operating systems (including mobile), IoT (Internet of Things) vulnerabilities, open source router applications and securing Windows 10 are presented.

The article covers a lot of ground and it seems like a lot, but it’s clear and easy to understand. The layout makes for easy scrolling to areas of interest.

There’s some good information and suggestions for privacy focused tools and services here whether you want information, an overview, or to see what privacy enhancing tools and services are available.

Open Source Privacy Tools – Complete Guide to Online Safety

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that site is oddly very similar to this site;
which has been around for years.

There is a problem with that site:

i've checked the site mentioned above. not very much difference on them. both australia and ptio. priv australia tools also mentioned those things criticise by the that "". there are even the similar "mistakes" on both sites. like; duckduckgo, brave, etc.

I noted the comments on Brave and DuckDuckGo. I'd want to see more info on that before I made an assessment.

i've read few articles about those two and some others before. but forgot on which sites.
i think much of the content on both ptio and priv australia are quite similar. what Panzer said could also be noted.
the site that Panzer gave the link is also quite good.
i believe that in the end what matters is what do you need and want in certain level, according to situation and condition.
there's no such thing as too much too many as for security and privacy.
sometimes we can just utilise few things for daily basis activities. sometimes we put on more from the arsenal.
these more and updated info could be integrated into Gizmo's Freeware's Security and Privacy List also.

thanks to the team, for all the effort to collect and provide us these info for us to read and learn.

I agree. My perspective has always been to give more options and more information that's as accurate as possible so that people can decide what works for them.

sounds good. already have read that post of yours too, Rhiannon.

Top privacy tools, apps and services 2020: Which search engine respects privacy: More about privacy stuff you can get here: Which browser respects privacy (a little bit outdated):

Good resources, thanks Panzer.

You are welcome.

Ms. rhiannon,
again a BIG thank you for an excellent find!

You're very welcome. :-)