How to Disable the New Copy and Paste Feature in Edge


Edge browser Copy and Paste feature

If you found yourself more than a little perplexed when you copied and pasted a URL from Microsoft Edge and it wasn’t the usual URL, it’s not you. Microsoft Edge has started copying URLs as hyperlinks instead of text.
What URLs look like in other browsers:

How they look in newer versions of Edge:

Gizmo's Freeware (

This new change may work for you. If not, here’s how to disable the feature:

Click “Settings” from the three dot menu in the upper right.
Select “Share, copy, and paste” in the sidebar to the left.
Click or tap the box that says “Plain Text”.

Or, copy and paste this entry into the address bar and press Enter:
Select the Plain text box.

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Not at first. And when it did start costing it was $35 for a lifetime license.

And it was the only truly standards-compliant browser at the time.

Thanks for the details. What stayed with me was the volume of commentary that anyone should have to pay to use a browser. I was puzzled by it. If someone develops a program they can charge for it, or these days sell subscriptions to use it.

Better method to avoid the problem:

Don't use Edge.

That may be an option for most people if they don't like or don't want to start using a product. If you work at an organization that allows only certain programs used on their computers, it's not an option. Might as well do what you can to make it work for you within those confines. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, there's that.

But i haven't used an MS browser since i discovered Opera - back when it fit on a single floppy.

I remember when Opera first came out, didn't people have to pay to use it at one time?