This Windows Font Creator is Free and Online


The software required to create new typefaces/fonts for Windows has always been notoriously difficult to use, or expensive.  Or both. But one web-based service has changed all that.

Signing up for an account on takes just a minute or so.  You'll need an email address, but nothing else.  The service is completely free to use.  And once you're signed up, you can start creating a font.  Pick a letter or other character, drag your mouse, and the job is done.  You can preview your work at any time, and also save fonts that aren't quite yet finished.

When you're done, and have defined all the letters/symbols that you need, click the Download button and you'll have a .TTF file to save onto your PC.  From there, you can install it on your PC very easily via the control panel.   Or in Windows 7, it's even easier.  Just right-click the TTF file and choose Install.

As you can see from the screenshot below, your finished font can be used in all Windows apps.  I only got as far as defining 5 characters, but that was sufficient to convince me that I'm definitely no Eric Gill.  It's great fun, though, and a handy way to add the ultimate personalisation to your documents.

And if you've got a graphics tablet rather than just a mouse, you'll probably have even more fun with this.




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So i went there.

I created an account.

Nowhere did i see anything that resembled a way to create a font...

What am i missing?"