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Most mobile devices are pre-installed with a stock email app ready for use but it may lack some useful features. If you have been looking for a replacement, BlueMail equipped with many excellent features is worth your time to try out.

BlueMail is a secure universal email app supporting multiple providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL, iCloud and more. In a unified interface, it syncs multiple inboxes from all your providers, with quick, easy and automatic configuration of your IMAP, POP3 and Exchange accounts.

To reduce your inbox clutter, BlueMail lets you conjoin or stack emails from the same sender or group together, which helps navigate your inbox much more efficiently.

It also has a quick way to filter your mailing list by people or automated emails from machines, such as services and newsletters. Hide those emails and you can focus more on what you care for.

It is free, no ads, and available on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.





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I like BlueMail and is probably one of the best email apps out there along with Edison mail. However, none of the free eMail apps gives me a good mobile view and I find myself regularly zooming in to view eMails as mail contents look extremely small in 1080p screen for 60% of eMails. Increasing font size doesn't help, most of the times I have to do it for individual eMails or if I keep it as universal font size it doesn't look good for most eMails. I feel that it's mostly because they utilize the webview of GMails or even Outlook and doesn't have a dedicated mobile view. So I'm stuck with one of the 2 commercial apps that gets mobile view right.

I've been using this for a few years. It's excellent except that support has lately fallen right off in quality: people answering questions you didn't ask and not answering the ones you did. Latest annoyance; an account stopped accessing server. Support didn't consider possibility of smtp settings changing. The problem existed for a few weeks and I only discovered it by accident on, in despair, deleting the account and reconfiguring it from scratch. The right settings had to be input manually even though the provider was on the list of auto-configure providers. Apropos of which that provider, disroot, seems to be getting dodgy too. Why arbitrarily, without notifiying people, change smtp settings. They're also currently blocked by microsoft to my intense irritation.

One other tiny bugbear about Bluemail- text doesn't reflow, so it can be quite hard reading mail.