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I wrote earlier today about tidying up your hard disk by zipping large files.  If your problem is not so much large data files but large images, and if you want to keep those images in jpg format rather than zipping them (perhaps so that they still work with your favourite image viewer or slideshow utility), then you'll need to take a different approach.

JpegMini, for example, is a free program and web site (choose either - personally I find the web site easiest) to reduce the size of images.  In the example shown in the screen shot below, the site managed to reduce this photo from 3.1 MB to 0.7 MB.  Which makes the file much quicker to email or print, and smaller to store.

Remember, however, that with image file sizes there's no such thing as a free lunch.  If you reduce the size of an image file you're removing data from the image, even if that missing data doesn't affect your view of the file at the time.  If you subsequently decide to zoom or crop the photo, for example, and only use a part of it, you may find that the amount of detail available to you has been lost forever.  Therefore, if you reduce a photo in order to email it or perhaps to make it suitable for uploading to a social media site, you may want to consider keeping both the original and the reduced file on your PC.

To try out jpegmini, head to  The web site works well and is free to use.  And if you sign up, you can upload and shrink multiple files at a time.




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Years ago i had a tool that ran from the context menu, It ran on your machine, not online.

It did one thing and it did that very well - resize JPG files without significant quality loss.

I'm pretty sure i found it somewhere on this site; can't remember its name.

It used an image of {i think} a Hindu god for demo purposes.

Can anyone suggest what it was?

It always annoys me people's laziness of not using a good batch conversion using regular irfanview or xnview, but NOOOO, that is TOO complicated for them and they want a dumbed down web site to do it for them. Typical iphone/ipad/isheep generation.

It's not about "laziness". I use Photoshop to reduce image size. But if you want to reduce image size without noticeable quality loss, nothing beats JPEGMini. And that's why I prefer it.

Just because you use IrfanView or XnView does not mean that everyone should use it. There are many different software out there.. it's upon an individual what he wants to use, and what works best for him/her.

Tiny pic has been doing that for a long time.

Upload, re-size and store your images there.

Currently I have 417 images stored there.
Including this one:

Given that upload speeds can be 10% of download speeds and the upload would be for the original uncompressed files, I would not have thought an on-line service would be suitable for the large batch sizes that would be required to make a substantial saving of disc space. Better might be to download an app for this task.

My all time favorite is Picture Resizer v6 available free from It's extremely easy to use - no installation! Just download a copy of "PhotoResize400.exe" and put it where you can get at it with your file explorer open. Drag your jpg file onto PhotoResize and let go. A DOS window pops up and lets you know whether it completed or not. You'll find a new copy of your picture in the same directory as the original with a (-) dash and the number representing the long edge of the image. If you want it 800 pixels, then rename it to "PhotoResize800.exe" and drag it again. It will do a whole directory at once if you select all the files and drag them over the exe. I keep a copy of the exe in my Quick Launch area - it works great from there. Whether I want a 150 pixel image or a 2048 pixel image, I just rename the exe and drag the original image over it and presto! I've got a much smaller great looking image for sending via email or posting on a website. I've never found anything to replace that is as easy to use or any better at reducing the size of my images.

I have been using Caesium for a few years now and love it. You can set the required quality and the original remains. The best I have found.

I like Caesium!! It is easy to use. JpegMini is starting to charge if you use it for more than a few pictures. I usually do about 100 at a time

Amen! I tried the others and this is small and works well - VERY well.

Shrink Pic is incompatible with Win7-64b.

Balesio's File Minimizer Pictures has been my go-to program for years and years. Nothing I've tried comes close to its effectiveness or its ease of use: you can either stay with the three default settings on the 'slider' control, or customize every aspect of the file size reduction.

Balesio isn't actually in the business of producing image management software, so this seems to have emerged -- around 5 or 6 years ago -- as something of a happy side effect to the company's research in other areas.

Whatever the explanation, the software -- which Balesio first marketed as commercialware, but then abandoned that idea - is free for home use. I've genuinely lost track of the number of friends to whom I've recommended it on the grounds that puh-leeze: will you kindly NOT email me any more 4Mb single images of your recent vacation? Using FileMinimizer Pictures, you can actually send me up to a dozen for the exact same size loading of your email (and therefore, the exact same time it takes for me to receive it via my slooooow Internet connection.)

Google 'Balesio FileMinimizer Pictures'. Been around for ages. And it works. . . Flawlessly.

This seems like a quite nice software! I'm gonna try the onlive version.
Anyway, I also like RIOT a lot! Very useful when it comes to batch actions. It allows you to resize, to optimize the image and also to save it in either JPEG, GIF or PNG, together with other features. And the best part, for free! :D

If all you want to do is shrink jpg files for emailing, blogging, etc., then ShrinkPic is the way to go. It is a tiny (1.23) program that can run all the time, or as required. When running, it automatically reduces any jpg file that you attach to an email - no user input required! Very fast. Is smart, in that it does not shrink files that are already small. It leaves the original alone.

Scores 5/5 in 15 reviews on

Shrinkpic does not work on my system win7prof 32 bit ,outlook 2010
Any suggestions welcome Thanks

It has worked on every one of the computers I have installed it on (xp, vista, W7<32&64>).

BTW my original post should have said, "1.23 Mb)

From the vendors site: "Shrink Pic runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP and works with these programs:" MC - Site Manager


It is soooo important for people new to all of this to always work with a copy of a photo- never the original!

First, create a folder on the desktop called "Photos to edit". Copy the photos you want to work with & paste them into this desktop folder. This way you won't accidentally over-write an original.

Also--> & if you intend to do a LOT of editing to an image, save the copies as .png or a similar lossless format before you begin. In fact, please Google, "Lossy vs. Lossless" so you get a better idea of just how your image is being reduced in size.


How does Jpeg Mini compare with Fileminimizer from balisio