An Amazing Act of Generosity

How is it possible? In a bleak world besieged by a virus epidemic, economic depression and political instability, how can some people manage to be positive, helpful, and magnanimous.
That’s what I have been pondering during our recent fund raiser for Gizmo’s Freeware.  Frankly, before we started the fund raiser I thought it possible we would receive almost no donations and if we did, it would be totally understandable even if it meant the demise of this website. Many websites had closed down in 2020 and Gizmo’s would just be another.
But instead, our readers have given generously. No, we haven’t raised as much as in the past but that could not have been expected.  So to all who do donated, may I offer a heart felt thank you. Your generosity means that this site will at least survive into the first half 2021 and hopefully a bit beyond.
As an example of the generosity of our readers, I need to tell you a story, an amazing story.
A week or so ago I was sitting in my car minding our dog while my wife was shopping. It was cold, raining and pretty depressing.
An email came in from a Gizmo’s Freeware reader. It was asking about our fund raiser. In particular, it asked how far short were we of our fund raiser target.    
We were very short of our target and even short of the smaller amount we needed to survive the first half of next year.  I didn’t want to depress him so I told him the smaller shortfall and sent off the email.
Within minutes I received a reply saying that he had just donated half of our shortfall. Seconds later I received a PayPal notification of the donation.
I was so overwhelmed I cried. 
How amazing.  Equally amazing was the request from the donator that he did not want his name mentioned for having given, he wanted to remain anonymous.
We have all heard of random acts of kindness. This was an act of anonymous generosity.  Thank you.
And I thank all of you have given, even those who could only donate a couple of dollars. Every donation is an act of kindness and an affirmation in the fundamental goodness of human beings.
We are still short of our fundraiser target.  If you would like to donate please press the button below or click the following link


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Glad to chip in a few more bucks! What Ronnie said goes for me also.

Thank you again for your priceless website
Due to my economic circumstances I have donated as much as I could
TechSupportAlert must not be allowed to fade
An oasis of information in a desert of soul-free and biased software sites

Hi Gizmo,

I, and I assume everyone, would like to know the Fund Raiser Target, Numbef Donations Received and the Total Amount of Donation . This information would help us to determine how you did and how much more we have to do in order to fully finance the day to day operation of Gizmo and additional ventures.

I am a fixed income pensioner and not in a position to finance the outstanding amount but would like to know what you need and see If I can help more.

I am not a big user of Gizmo but would hate to see it disappear as it is a perfect example of people working together and sharing.

Long Live Gizmo,