Wallpaper of the Week: Horizon Sunset


This week's wallpaper is a computer generated illustration showing the sun setting over a horizon of blues and oranges. Mountains below fade into darker colors. This is one of those images that looks so much better on a screen than the screenshot. The reddit version (link below) fits beautifully on a triple monitor display. It also scales down quite nicely. Icons show up well on this background.

Sun on horizon desktop wallpaper

This wallpaper comes in a range of image resolutions including mobile devices and tablets. Use the installation instructions for your specific device or browser.

Download Horizon Sunset Wallpaper

(via reddit 3440x1440 px)

What's on my monitor right now?
Erupting Volcano, Puyehue, Chile

Erupting Volcano, Puyehue, Chile desktop wallpaper

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Great Rhiannon but your desktop is better :}}

Glad you like it. :)

Hopefully between the two there's something people will like.

Wonderful, rhiannon... thank you! :-)

You are so welcome. :)