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All That’s Interesting is a site for curious people who want to know more about what they saw on the news or read in history books.

Covering History, News and Science, All That’s Interesting has an eclectic approach to presenting something new every day to read. Articles can be humorous, odd, fascinating and macabre.

The site broadly covers areas such as medicine, biology, astronomy, crime, medicine, archaeology, nature and news. The site is a refreshing change from the usual news, fact or entertainment sites. Most content is safe for work and family, but some topics or images might be something younger children might be sensitive to. 

All That’s Interesting is “...for people with an appetite for the weird, the fascinating, and even the macabre facts about important events that shaped human history and continue to resonate to this day. Whether it's little-known history like the tale of human zoo exhibit Ota Benga or the legend of ancient Chinese warrior-turned-Disney hero Hua Mulan, these interesting history articles reveal the fascinating nuggets you definitely didn't learn in high school.”

There’s always something interesting to see at the site and items aren’t too long or too short for most topics - about the right amount to read in a short time and provide a deeper dive so you discover something new or add to what you know. The site has quite a few images in most articles but they’ve been resized so they load quickly even on slow connections.

If you’re looking for something different than the current news cycle to pleasantly engage your attention for a time, give this site a try.

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"If you’re looking for something different than the current news cycle...."

VERY timely, Rhiannon!! Just what I was looking for!! THANKS.

You're very welcome. :)
I've also been watching videos from the Nautilus project, they have underwater footage of all kinds of deep water ocean things. There's a live stream as well.
EVNautilus - YouTube

I like the Monterey Bay Aquarium cams too.
Live cams | Monterey Bay Aquarium

Good one rhiannon,
something nice to get into in these Corona times.and forget about life for a while

I think so too. It's good to read about raccoons getting into a bank for cookies or illustrations of sea creatures, something besides current events.