Thank You for Donating


Thanks for donating to our community website.

It's people like you who keep the true spirit of the internet alive.

From all the crew at Gizmo's Freeware, a heart-felt thanks.


Keep up the good work. Thank you for the site.

Glad to chip in a few more bucks! We WOULD Like to know what your fundraising target is, though.

This site is worthy, and beloved. You'll get it: whatever you need. A 'march of dimes' heads your way.

Didn't know you were in financial trouble. Unfortunately, I'm in the same sort of trouble, but I could happily donate five bucks.
Keep up the good work, take care!

I wish I could have donate more, son again maybe...
Thank you for this incredible site

Didn't know you were strapped for dosh, small contribution made.

I've just doubled my monthly donation. Hope that helps.

To be honest I switched to Linux many years back but kept the newsfeed because gizmo had provided me some wonderful gems in the past and I often passed the info on to friends and family who still used windows. I contributed $15 as my way of saying Thank you for the work you do.

Happy to help! Have relied on this site many times over the years.

Donation made ... please go on ;-).

Please keep up the good work, everyone there!!!! Big thanks!!!

Just happily made a donation. Sending along best wishes for the continued success of techsupportalert! Thanks for being such a great resource.

First donation ($25,) rejected by credit card. There apparently was a problem with the expiration date. Changed format of exp date and that worked. I donated an additional $1.00 to check to see if the card would be accepted. It was. So total is $26.00

I have been visiting this site for many years. Always rely on Gizmo's recommendations. Keep going!

Rock on, would be a more difficult world without Tech Support Alert!!

I wish I could have donated ten times as much - and made it an automatic monthly donation, also. I value this site As Much as I value !

{I confess: I have been spending more time at lately than I have been spending here (where's that embarrassed emoji ☺️ ?) - but while that place feels like a vast library of [millions of] wonders ... it is THIS site that feels like a Cozy HOME to me. And though prodigal I may be ... it is to here that my heart (and eventually, my sorry azz) always returns - and I always feel as welcomed again, as the proverbial prodigal one, when I do return.}

Please keep up the good work, everyone!!!!

PS I recommend Ad Nauseum extension - it clicks on every ad on every page (in the background) so that the click counts - causing an "Impression" that means the Ad gets paid to the Site. This also 'Munges the HECK' out of your 'ad trail' ... and adds EVERY Subject - to your "liked Ads" profile ... ruining by 'flooding' ... their carefully built profile of 'your liked ads' - what advertising you have clicked upon.

Open Source - and if your site has ads on any page: AdNauseam WILL Click on them for you. The "Anti" Ad Blocker ... it eats EVERY One for breakfast (I swear one site had rotating ads ... and it eventually clicked on several hundred for THEM).

It's (ad nauseam) an interesting idea but after looking around at the thin info on this app I'd prefer the "show 'em a brickwall" approach. Note as a matter of interest - IMO it is a plus that they are banned from the Google store.....anything that G doesn't like may have something going for it where we mere mortals are concerned.

There is a companion extension to AdNauseum (AN), called TrackMeNot (TMN) - that does the same thing, basically, to Search Engine Tracking. They are made by the same developer - with the same purpose - to give you a way to fight back (Passive-Aggressive ... tweak their nose a bit ... ).   <---- according to this page they are PROUD that Chrome banned them! (Must have Tweaked their nose pretty hard: to get banned. LOL!!!) Darned 'Ankle Biters' drew Blood ... Ha-ha-ha!!!! It validates the AN extension's idea ... kinda proves it works ... and annoyed Google enough: that it tried to swat them the way We would swat a pesky Fly. (FAIL) <---- and clearly have a way to shove it into Google anyway ... Yeah: Google HATES it!!!! <---- I am surprised Chrome has not gotten around to banning this one also: Same Developer!!

My 'search history', and the 'ads I've clicked on' list, are thoroughly poisoned beyond their repairing now ... I'd rather corrupt what they intend to collect - than try to stop them from collecting it in the first place (good luck with THAT).

(I'm so pleased to see that Google TRIED to keep the AN extension OUT Of Chrome. Thanks for pointing that out ... knowing about it makes my day. You are right ... it is a GOOD Omen - for Us. I'll bet that the TMN extension isn't in the Chrome extension store either.)

I use Firefox: with both the AN, AND The TMN extensions ... and the default Firefox "anti-Fingerprint" protections switched on ... I sleep well at night. ("I'm not the WO-man they think I am, at all, no no ... " [Rocket Man] )

Thank for the suggestion Sea Mac but I'm getting a 404 from that link? MC - Site Manager.
There was a space following the link. The space has been removed and the link should work now.

Thank you Jojo! Stupid beginners mistake (Or Typo) from someone who has been here 12 years.

LOL!  Someday I might get the hang of these newfangled electrical devices.

Thanks. Working now. MC :)

Glad 2 see all the support donations. Ditto for me, glad to help, you folks are the best. God Bless and be safe,be healthy.

Donation Done. Keep up the good work.

My pleasure. Pleased to realise I'd already turned off my ad blocker some time in the past. I feel confident that you'll have a great response to the funding request.

Yup, been with you for almost all of those 18 years...take some of my money gratefully given. Keep up the solid work guys.

Glad to make a donation and help out. Unfortunately I can't make a monthly commitment but will help when I can.
As a long-time user of this site I'm sure that it has saved me many times over what I just donated!

gladly contributed and removed ad-blocker from the domain, keep it up!

Happy to help, great site.

Hi guys!

It is NOW October 22nd, 2020, about 1:30 PM.
I just now donated five bucks, and I TRULY wish it could be more, better yet become a recurring monthly thingy.
But, that's just not gonna happen on what Social Security provides me.
I am a LONG TIME USER of all the wonderful stuff I receive in my "In Box" because of YOU WONDERFUL GUYS & GALS.
Even though I am a near 70 cranky "Old-fart", there is ALWAYS a warm, soft spot in my heart for the 'Gizmo's' crew plus all of the support staff.
May the banner of 'Gizmos's' continue flying high forever!

Thanks for all the help that I found on your site over the years

My donation didn't go through using my bank through PayPal, but did go through using my debit card through PayPal. Very strange.

Many thanks for your support. PayPal does appear to prefer card links. I've encountered the same situation here in Brazil. I successfully linked my account but only the card applicable to it works. MC - Site Manager.

Definitely worthy of a donation. Done.

Happy to donate to a site that is always helpful, providing much appreciated and objective reviews and suggestions. Keep up the good work, and Thank you!

Been reading you for years and you provide a great and fun service, hang in there!

Small thank you (donation) for GREAT help and information over many years!
I hope and pray you can keep going!

Thanks for your great work over the years. One of the few sites I can really trust for information.


I hope that your family and you are all safe and well -- and have not experienced any losses (or at the most, very minimal).

Please take good care!



This site is a constant source of goodie's.

Keep up the good work..... :-)

Smoke me a Kipper.....

Sorry it took me so long to donate. I live on a fixed income so must budget each and every penny. But, your site is one of the few trusted freeware sites I use and of course, your organization deserves any monies you can get. I hope this donation will help you continue your excellent work.

I feel awful. I just saw the good news about the donations, but realized that I DIDN'T contribute when first asked!
I've been a member for over 8 years and use the site often! I just PAYPAL'd some $ now....sorry, Ian!

Did you receive the amount needed?

Your website has been one of the most reliable and trustworthy resources for finding decent applications, whether it be for iPhone, Mac, or PC. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

In a world of spin, fake news and ever more devious marketing tactics, Gizmo's site provides something of real value: honest, objective, reliable advice and information, delivered by volunteers with integrity and no hidden agenda. That's something worth supporting. So I've made my (modest) contribution - and hope many others will do so too.

you are more than worth it, the amount of times i recommend you to people that have little or no knowledge of where to find apps, programs or even just "good" advice is staggering when i actually stop and think about it, the best thing i ever did was find your blog way back in the day and sign up for your emails.
Heartfelt thanks from me --don't ever quit.

I'm glad to donate. When I look at my computer, I see that about 90% of the programs installed are recommendations from Gizmo's site. I only occasionally disagree with some of the evaluations and reviews, but there is nothing else on the Internet that can be trusted as much is this site. Thanks so much for many years of assistance. Good luck reaching your goal.


TechSupportAlert has been my go-to site for over 10 years. Glad to contribute! Thanks for all you do!

My contribution to say that your expertise is very satisfying. Your friend in Costa Rica.

Keep us updated about the status of your viability. As long as you are straightforward with us we have your back. I have already made a contribution because I have no reason to think you all have worked consistently in the interest of the commonweal - I'm talking about years and years. We know what you have done and will support you to keep it up.

Well its money well spent. Over the years this site has dug me out of some holes, so happy to help........ :-)

Much Myrth.......