Gizmo's Freeware's Independence is Under Serious Threat: Here's How You Can Help




Gizmo's Freeware is one of the few remaining websites that it doesn't charge for reviews, doesn't offer pay-for-app listing services or accept reviews written by developers and advertisers. That’s the reason our reviews have always been honest and independent and that's the way we want to keep it.

However, we are currently under a lot of financial pressure and it's mostly coming from an unexpected source: our users. That’s because over 50% of our users now use ad blockers and as a result, our general Google ad revenue has fallen sharply. Don’t get me wrong: we support the right of our users to employ ad-blockers. Hey, we have even recommended to you the best ad-blocking products!

Then there is the effect of Coronavirus. Like many other websites our traffic has fallen so between ad-blockers and Coronavirus we've had a double whammy on our revenue.  

But our fall in ad revenue is now limiting our ability to update our freeware reviews and expand our coverage. That affects everybody. We are looking at long term financial solutions but in the short term we need to survive.

We could easily raise more money by being more blatantly commercial, but we don't want to go there. Instead, we are running a fund-raiser campaign asking our loyal and understanding users to contribute a small amount as a donation to the site.

So please help Gizmo's remain independent and fearless by donating just a few dollars now. In our 18 years of operation I’ve only ever asked our users three times for support and hopefully will not need to do so again for a long time. So please guys and gals, stand up and be counted at this time of need.

Please donate now by clicking the Donate button below or clicking the following link:


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I hope my tiny donation helps some. I see many people I know, like mouser helping one of the best freeware information sites on the net. Us mice and all the rest of the grateful users on Gizmo's must untie to help this great place like it has helped us.

I tried to make a donation with my credit card using your Donate button. The form is requiring my cell phone number. It won't accept 000-000-0000. I don't share my phone number, and I don't understand why it would be needed here. I've donated the three previous times you've asked. It looks like I won't be able to this time. Sorry.

I understand not wanting to give out your number I'm very protective of mine.
If you have a Google account you can sign up for Google Voice,. It gives you a phone number to give out to anyone you like, and calls can be forwarded to your real phone. It has other features but that's what I use it for.

There's a PayPal option as well, click the donate button if that's something that works for you.

Does it help to click and peruse ads on this site? I've always given, and more recently, the local ads relative to my area a chance to present to me. This is sort of like a Youtube break (although this is forced).

Unfortunately, the ads are being blocked by Firefox because they are trackers and they are persistent little buggers. I turned off all the blockers I use for the site (because I have loved youse guys for such a long time), but as a suggestion, people may want to use a cookie cleaner when they leave. There are several that are very good, including the Forget Me Not extension for Firefox, which can clear all the trackers when leaving the site.

Thanks for the browser extension recommendation. MC - Site Manager.

Hopefully everyone who uses this site donates something...
I have come back here for info and software help for many years and want to say

I use your site a lot to find what I need. I am happy to donate!

Hi Gizmo. You have made an amazing contribution to the world with your website and your history of independent reviews

I will definitely make a donation. Thank you for keeping the internet honest

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