Bypass Link Shorteners With This Browser Add-on


Universal Bypass brower add-on

Bypass URLs that make you wait, do something or track you with this browser extension.

Universal Bypass circumvents sites which make you wait (like adfly), make you do something (e.g., showco and sub2unlock) and even trackers (such as bitly and tco).

If you visit many places on the internet you’ll run into link shorteners. Some track you and some require a response. This extension speeds up and smooths out web browsing by bypassing these types of links.

Universal Bypass works on popular browsers. Microsoft Edge and Firefox have the add-on at their site. The Chrome extension can be downloaded at the developers site and is installed manually (directions and files are at the developers download page.
See the list of sites that are bypassed and test if the extension is working here: Example Links.
Universal Bypass is open source and the code can be found at GitHub.
The developer is active and very responsive.

If you don’t want to wait while you’re redirected (or tracked) by a link shortener or be stopped to interact with a page before you can visit a site, give Universal Bypass a try. Links to the add-on downloads are at the link below.

Visit Universal Bypass Home Page

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Love the idea but it seems to have been released too early - for non-mainstream browsers (which I use-eg Brave, Pale Moon and Opera) it either doesn't work or there are geeky workarounds which frankly I can't be bothered deciphering to find if they actually work, sad.
These browsers have millions of users so maybe "non-mainstream" is a stretch but the dev (who has a good looking, informative site) should have put a little more effort in. It's all very well to blame the people behind those other browsers for the incompatibility but the dev IS RELEASING THIS not those others.

From what I understand, the non-mainstream browsers have different APIs/coding.
It takes a lot of work to adapt an add-on to each browser and keep it updated.
To do something different or new in the add-on for each non-mainstream browser so the add-on/extension would work with all of them would be difficult and time consuming.
There's only one person developing this (and many other) add-ons. Most people who develop add-ons have their hands full keeping up with the browser upgrades and the ones I know of don't make money from their extensions and add-ons - they see a need and created something to fill it. Most of them have jobs so they can support themselves.

I don't see a fault or anything to blame anywhere.
I'm sure (in this case) that the developer would make changes so the add-on would work with all browsers if it could be done in a reasonable amount of time and with a reasonable amount of effort. It isn't just putting in a little more effort that would be required, it would be reworking the add-on for each browser.
Most developers want people to use their add-ons, that's why they make them.
I have an idea of what this developer goes through just keeping the add-on available at the Firefox Addons site. It's not easy and it's time consuming dealing with Mozilla and making sure the add-on conforms to standards and works with version upgrades.

I'm aware of a few developers who have tried to get their extensions to work with alternate browsers, specifically Brave. They can't make their extension work with Brave, period. It's not possible because of the way Brave is structured and how a particular extension works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are web apps, sites and extensions that don't work in Brave - I use it as is, knowing that compatibility and usability are not front and center issues for them. They are developing what they envision the best browser to be. Their code won't allow some extensions to work because of how the extensions function, full stop. There's no blame to be laid, they are developing what they envision as the best browser. Most developers do the best they can to ensure compatibility across browsers.

I'm not calling out Brave, it's one of the non-mainstream browsers I use and am aware of a few people who tried to get their extension to work with Brave and discovered it's not possible.


Thanks for this!
Opera does not have this but has instead an extension called
Redirect Bypasser
which seems similar though not identical.

You're welcome. It's saved quite a bit of time on my slow internet connection.