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Build a Bridge

Bridge builders are a welcome genre of physics-based puzzle games that are fun and thought-provoking to play for all. Just like these two games, X Construction Lite and Build a Bridge, they have drawn a large crowd of players and achieved more than 10 million downloads each from the Google Play store.

X Construction Lite features building a bridge for a train to pass through in 2D design with 27 levels to solve. It is fun and fascinating to play but the last updated version of the app was a few years back in 2015 when reviewed.

Updated this year, Build a Bridge gets you deeper into this genre of puzzle games to test your engineering and improvisation skills, with 3D simulations of your creations, different materials to build bridges, and 86 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles.

To sharpen your mind, give this recently updated game Build a Bridge a good spin with its realistic physics engine. It is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices, and has been ported to Nintendo Switch consoles.

Build a BridgeBuild a Bridge




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When I click Build a Bridge, I get OOPs, This Page Cannot be Located.
Thanks Panzer for your feedback. The link has now been fixed.
You are welcome.