How to Clean up Your Old Social Media Posts


Social Media clean up

Clean up your social media without deleting your account.

With social media so prevalent it’s a good idea to clean up old posts and photos. Maybe there are posts that a potential employer wouldn’t appreciate, or your views have changed. If you have a long social media history, cleaning up old material and photos can give your social media accounts a clean look.

This useful article has step by step instructions (including links) on how to delete posts from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There are directions to download your content from each account, and any other relevant information you may need. Facebook links go to sections in the new interface Facebook introduced this year.

Tweets can deleted manually or using a service. You may want to download your Twitter archive before making changes. If you tweet often or have had an account for a long time, a service might work for you. Both services have free and premium options.
TweetDelete deletes tweets by date or keyword. The paid plan deletes all tweets at one time.
TweetDeleter has a good way to find and filter posts. The free plan is restricted to deleting five tweets a day.

Facebook lets you delete posts individually or using their bulk tool. You can undo likes as well. It’s a good idea to download all your Facebook activity before deleting anything. You need to be logged in through the web interface, not the mobile app, to delete material.

Deleting posts on Instagram has fewer options than Twitter or Facebook. You probably want to download your archive (via the web interface) before deleting or archiving posts. Deleting and archiving posts is done via the mobile app. Comments can be removed in the mobile app by swiping left on a comment and tapping the trash icon.

Get a report from most social media services for free.
Scrubber is service that scans social media posts for questionable content and then gives you a free report where you can see everything they’ve located. You can filter by category, social network and keywords. They support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Foursquare, Disqus, and Tumblr.
They offer a paid service that has a set of tools to make editing or deleting posts easy, but the report and everything in it is free of charge. Scrubber scours your social media posts for profanity, innuendo, slang, mention of drugs or alcohol, NSFW material, and flags political and religious posts.

Note: if you have older accounts like Myspace or Live Journal you may want to deactivate them as part of a social media clean up.

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