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Most web browsers come with a bookmark manager to allow you to bookmark your favorite websites, rename or remove old bookmarks, and group bookmarks into specific folders for ease of access. However, the bookmark manager normally does these simple tasks alone and it can be a hassle for you to check all bookmarks one by one whether they are dead or duplicate.

Fortunately there are third party tools that can save your time and help clean up your collection of bookmarks by finding duplicate bookmarks and checking all bookmarks at one go if their status is good besides other useful features.


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Scans your browser bookmarks for dead links or duplicate links at one go.

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License: Free
Quickly checks for dead and duplicate bookmarks; works with html, tab delimited and comma separated text files; sorting and export bookmarks.
Altering and deleting bookmarks from browsers no longer supported.
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AM-Deadlink is useless.
I'm fine with the fact that it won't change bookmarks in a browser, since that could screw things up, but it won't even edit a CSV file. That makes it useless. It tells you if you have duplicates or dead links, but then you have to use something else to do anything about it.

Latest version is 4.6. Before downloading this one, note that version 4.6 will no longer delete Firefox deadlinks. See
Version 4.6 (25-Sep-2012)
[x] Firefox: Bookmarks are now read-only and can no longer be changed or deleted within AM-DeadLink. This step was required to avoid conflicts due to changes in the Firefox database. AM-DeadLink can however still be used to open and check Firefox bookmarks for dead links.
Firefox Users best hold on to version 4.4 or 4.5. I just tested 4.5 and it does delete deadlinks - at least from AMDeadlink :)

A portable version of AM-deadlink is available.
During installation, you are offered the choice of a standard install or portable.

I use Windows 7, Home Premium, and this worked really well for me. I had not completely cleaned out my bookmarks in at least a decade and had built up more than 1,600 of them. Obviously I hadn't used many of them in years because this program found about 300 of them that were bad. I double-checked to make sure a few of the newer ones were actually no good any more, and the program was right: they were dead.

I don't know why people are complaining about this program not finding any dead links. Maybe they never actually clicked on the green check mark on the toolbar and assumed that without running it, the dead links would automatically be identified.