Easily Make GIFs From Your Computer Screen


ScreenTto Gif

This small utility is a screen, webcam and sketchboard recorder with an integrated editor. Record, edit and export parts of your PC screen and save them as a GIF or video.

ScreenToGif captures selected areas of your screen, webcam or live drawings from a sketchboard which can be saved as an animated GIF, Apng, video, image, PSD or ScreenToGif project.

ScreenToGif has lots of options. It has a clean interface and is easy enough for beginners. The program has quite a few features; you can pause and record, add text, subtitles, and title frames, add the system cursor, choose from light or dark color themes, use the older or newer interface and more.
Here’s a partial list of features:

  • Undo, redo or reset your edits
  • Copy, cut and paste frames
  • Select multiple frames or browse to a specific frame
  • Preview the playback of the animation
  • Capture the mouse cursor and mouse clicks
  • Remove duplicates
  • Reduce framerate
  • Delete all previous or all next frames
  • Import frames
  • Reverse, apply yoyo (forwards and backwards) or move frames around
  • Alter the delay of the frames (override, increase/decrease or scale)
  • Move the window around
  • Create tasks to apply effects to your recording, so that you don't need to manually apply them every time.
  • Add transitions (fade or slide effects).
  • Resize, crop or flip/rotate
  • Add captions, text, drawings or shapes
  • Add key strokes and mouse clicks
  • Add borders, shadows and obfuscate (pixelate)
  • Add watermarks using your own image

ScreenToGif is under active development and is available in 24 languages. There’s a good section on how to use the program on the site. It’s small and easy to use with features you wouldn’t expect to find in such a compact program.

ScreenToGif is good for making animated GIF’s to share, recording tasks such as to show people how to do things on a computer (great if you provide support for others), for teachers, to be used in marketing, blogs and presentations - basically any time you need animated visual content.

ScreenToGif runs on Windows 10|8|7|Vista|XP and requires .Net Framework 4.8 or newer. The portable and installable versions are free of malware according to Virus Total.

Download ScreenToGif

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