7 Great Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles


Free online jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles have been around for many years in physical, analog and digital form and are as popular today as they have ever been. Here are seven good jigsaw puzzle sites to enjoy. All are accessible in a web browser.

Most sites use HTML5 but a few currently use Adobe Flash which is being phased out as it will be discontinued at the end of 2020.

May be the oldest and one of the best jigsaw sites on the internet.
There’s a daily puzzle and a huge gallery of images. You can change the
puzzle sizes from 6 to 247 pieces. There’s shuffle, auto solve, and you can upload an image.

Jigsaw Explorer
There’s a daily puzzle, you can upload an image, change the number of puzzle pieces and background color.
Option to choose number of puzzle pieces.
Clean layout, few ads, images in a variety of categories.

Daily puzzle, extensive gallery of stock and user images, upload your own image. Pieces run from 9 to 225, and with a choice or small or large pieces. There are five puzzle piece shapes to choose from.

Jigsaw Planet
There’s a good selection of images and they work well on smaller screens. There’s a variety of shapes to choose from along and a ghost outline. You can change the background color. Choose from 24 to 300 puzzle pieces.

Just Jigsaw
There’s a daily puzzle with a good selection of images. Options to change the light level, amount of pieces, size, and shape. The sound can be turned off under game options.
One standout feature is the ability to turn any image on Pixabay into a jigsaw puzzle. Pixabay is a stock photo site with high quality images in hundreds of categories.

Washington Post
The Washington Post daily jigsaw puzzle is sourced from Arkadium Games and has three levels of difficulty (easy, normal, and expert).
Images can be previewed before playing. Sound effects play automatically and can be turned off using the pause button in the upper right corner.

National Geographic
National Geographic has jigsaw puzzles sourced from the Photo of the Day and is updated daily. Settings are minimal, you can choose from three sizes of puzzle pieces.

There are many jigsaw puzzles for mobiles, but Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is a good app with over 30,000 puzzles curated from National Geographic. Note there are in app purchases.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

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For years, I have been using TheJigsawPuzzles.com. It has a database of thousands of puzzles, sorted by category. You can choose from 20 to 500 pieces and there are several different cut styles.

It's a good site, I hadn't seen it until now. Thanks for the heads up.

Where's thejigsawpuzzles.com? Love this site, no downloading of anything, just play on site. Have been using this site for years now and was concerned about the phaseout of Adobe Flash, but they said they are ready for the change over. You can choose how many pieces you want to do in any of the hundreds of puzzles there. Also choose the type of puzzle pieces you want to work with...classic, etc.. You can Full Screen, if needed, any puzzle to work on it. My 92-yr-old Mom had been doing a puzzle every day for yrs before she passed. Cannot say about doing any on a mobile phone though.

Can say the people there are great...any problem just email and they get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner. BTW, you do not have to sign in or even have an account to do any puzzle, though the site will keep track of all the puzzles you do if you sign in...unlike Jigzone and a few others where you have to try to remember which ones you've done in the past.

That's a great site, thanks for mentioning it. :)

You're very welcome. I love jigsaw puzzles too, digital or printed.

Thanks rhiannon.. nice sites. I love the jigsaw puzzles.