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PagePlus Starter Edition

In fact its lack of complex features makes it easy for basic publishing needs


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Easy to use; many built-in backgrounds, templates, swatches, styles and etc.; likely the best choice for everyday usage.
Not as feature rich as the competitor.

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PagePlus Starter Edition ("SE") from Serif, maker of the well-known free digital editor PhotoPlus, lacks a lot of features available in its commercial version but has more than enough to produce relatively simple brochures, flyers, ads, and newsletters used by small businesses and charitable organizations.

In fact its lack of complex features makes it a much more user friendly and easier to learn program for beginners with only basic publishing needs.

The program comes with a good set of templates to help get the creatively challenged started and more templates can be downloaded from the web. Text creation and manipulation works well while images can be cut and pasted, re-sized and moved around the templates with ease. There is also a basic set of shapes available.

The color palette available is limited but adequate for most needs. File formats available to save your work are also somewhat limited and do not include the ability to save your work in PDF format.

If there is one thing that really stands out about PagePlus SE, it is the ease of use. In fact if you can use Microsoft Word you can use PagePlus SE to accomplish far more with your layout than is possible with Word. Serif is also noted for offering previous customers great deals on even their latest versions, so, for some, it might be worthwhile to become a customer and watch for deals.

This product requires registration to get a product key for installation but the registration is free.

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The free program is no longer available.

While the creator's website listed above no longer seems to be offering the free version, it is apparently still available at other software sites: and
It is the earlier version 2.2---which I actually prefer.