Create a Custom Screensaver Using Irfanview


Create screensaver with Irfanview

Use your favorite images to create a custom screensaver in Windows using Irfanview.

This article at Digital Citizen has step by step details to make your own slideshow screensaver using Irfanview and the images on your computer.

It doesn’t take long to create a screensaver, the steps are straightforward; in Irfanview, add images, set parameters, create the screensaver and save it to a location on your system.
Irfanview will create a screensaver from your images and generate a message when it’s done. How long it takes depends on how many images you have, it created a screensaver from 1125 images (1920x1080) in about two minutes on my system.

Some useful features:

  • Any screensaver you create is portable and can be used on other computers
  • Screensaver files can be saved as an EXE or SCR file or burned to DVD
  • MP3 files can be added to a screensaver
  • Images can be reordered (move up or move down)
  • Images can be sorted by several different parameters
  • Additional options in the Full screen options menu include multiple monitor mode (stretch images over all monitors), resample, alpha blending between images and more

If you start with all the images you want to use in a single folder, creating a screensaver is faster.

If you’d like to create your own slideshow screensaver and don’t want to download and install any additional programs this is a good option.

How to create a screensaver with IrfanView, in Windows

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I have been using John's Background Switcher for years which I have found to be very versatile in what you can do with it.

It's a great program.

Good one! I found this some time ago and it is a great way ti make a screen saver or file show

It's pretty handy. :)