Get a New Bing Wallpaper Every Day on Android and Windows 10


Get Bing Wallpapers Every Day

Automatically set Bing’s daily background as your wallpaper on Windows 10 and Android with these apps.

Microsoft’s search engine Bing may not be the most popular search engine, but it has the best wallpapers. Microsoft released two new apps, one for Android and one for Windows 10, which will automatically change your background to Bing’s daily background.

• Images are 1920 x 1200, you may have to adjust for higher resolution displays.
• You can set how often you want the background to change.
• The desktop app asks to set your homepage and default search engine to Bing during installation. Uncheck the “Set Bing as my homepage” and “Set Bing as my default search provider” boxes if you don’t want to keep those options.
• The desktop app will ask to install a browser extension called Give with Bing. The browser add-on doesn’t need to be installed to complete the installation.
• Images have the Bing watermark.

If you want the daily image with no watermark on Windows 10 you can use another program like the Dynamic Theme from the Microsoft Store. Features will be different or missing – for example Dynamic Theme uses Bing and Windows Spotlight images.

You can download individual Bing background images dating from 2010 forward with no watermark; point your browser to Bing Wallpaper Download

Enjoy a new Bing background that automatically changes daily on your Android device or Windows 10.

Get Bing Wallpaper at the Microsoft Store

Get Bing Wallpapers at the Google Play Store

(not available in all countries)

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Nice tip: thank you, rhiannon! :-)

You're very welcome. :)

Check out BingSnap. What's your opinion?

Just checked and the Android app is not available in Canada.

Thank for letting me know, I've revised the article.

I use the Microsoft launcher on my Android smartphone, and that launcher has a feature of presenting a new wallpaper every day. I guess the Bing wallpapers app will allow me to rotate wallpapers every day even if I choose not to use the MS launcher (thought I find the launcher a great combination of feature-richness and simplicity). Does anybody know whether the Bing wallpapers are the same as the daily wallpapers on the launcher? Do they pull from a common pool of pictures or are they completely different?

They are the same. But, for some reason, the bing image sometimes won't change on android. An information box states the image is copyright protected and cannot be used as wallpaper. It then keeps the previous days image.