Move the Box


Move the Box

A slow-paced and challenging match-3 game with intriguing puzzles and simple gameplay.


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License: Free (In-App purchases)
Categories: Games, Match-3 Puzzle

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Multi-levels, pleasant user interface, easy yet challenging gameplay.
Limited number of hints.

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Move the Box is a tile-matching game like Bejeweled but it comes in with a twist that challenges your mind to solve the puzzles.

The puzzles may be intriguing to solve but the gameplay is very simple. Move the boxes to make at least three similar boxes in a row or column disappear from the dock within a limited number of moves.

You can continue to try to solve a puzzle even if out of moves, but it is not considered as a winning round to qualify for the next level.

With a visually pleasant interface featuring artistic backdrops, the game app provides two classic modes containing a total of 192 puzzles, grouped in eight themed cities. Each city gives you 24 puzzles.

The beginning levels are pretty easy to win but they become harder as you progress on to the next levels. Undo moves and reset all moves are available, with user settings provided for sound effects and background music.

To help solve the puzzles, you can tap hints in the game but use them sparingly as the number of hints is limited. Getting extra hints requires in-app purchases with real money.


Engross Yourself In This Entertaining and Challenging Puzzle Game

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The link to Google Play is broken, and a direct search on Google's site gives dozens of apps with this same name...
Could you correct this, please?

@Malbec, please try it again with a new Android download link using a Bitly short URL for the time being. The original long download link with a query string is being truncated due to a faulty Drupal module.