Where to Download ISO Images for All Windows 10 Releases 


All Windows 10 ISOs

Download any release of Windows 10 from the Microsoft servers using this site.

TechBench makes it easy to download all versions of Windows 10 (Final and Insider), Windows 8.1 with Update 3 (build 9600) and Windows 7 SP1 (build 7601) as well as Office applications, language packs, and virtual machines directly from Microsoft servers. (Virtual machine links are showing errors when attempting to download).

If you’re updating an older computer with a previous version of Windows to Windows 10 it’s useful to have earlier versions of Windows 10 available. Earlier versions of Windows 10 often support older computers and hardware that gets left behind in more recent releases.

I updated an old Dell laptop by installing Windows 7 and then installing Windows 10 (it was running Vista). The current (at the time) version of Windows 10 wouldn’t install, there were driver and compatibility issues. After a bit of searching I found that others had been able to install Windows 10 on the same laptop using an earlier Windows 10 release. I downloaded the earlier version and Windows 10 installed with only a driver update needed and it’s running faster on Windows 10 than it did on previous Windows versions. It updated to the release before the current version with no issues.

TechBench has the earliest release of Windows 10 (version 1507) up to the current version available for download. Windows Insider builds are available from 14295 forward. Keep in mind that Microsoft doesn’t support older Windows 10 releases, they may have vulnerabilities that are unpatched.

Versions of Microsoft Office from 2010 to the current 365 can also be downloaded at TechBench, useful if an older version of Microsoft Office came preinstalled and needs to be reinstalled/repaired or you have the license but not the program file.

There are other useful downloads at the site, language packs, the TechNet Evaluation Center and Microsoft Virtual Machines.
Note: as of January 30, 2020 the Virtual Machine downloads are all generating XML errors.

The site is easy to use, pick the type of software you want to download, the version, the edition, the language and the file. After the selections are made a download button appears. Download links are time limited and have expiration dates.

If you ever wonder "Will Office 2007 run on my Windows 10 PC?" or "Does Office 2019 work with Windows 7?" this Microsoft Office Version and Windows Version Compatibility Chart has what you need to know – it lists what’s compatible with what from Microsoft Office 2000 to 365 and Windows XP to 10.

TechBench by WZT

You can find more Tech Treats here.






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Seriously? rg-adguard.net? A whois only says that it is a company registered in the Cayman Islands. EVEN IF the site didn't look sketchy as F, you are suggesting download an operating system ISO (or any executable for that matter) from such a place? Have we learned nothing about malware in 2020?

Please, rhiannon, post a link in the article itself to a legit site providing ISOs and remove the link in the comment unless you can confirm that it is 100% legitimate.

I would add that all the ISO's I've downloaded at this site originate here:
(with the version information appended to the URL)
Microsoft "hid" the download servers some time ago, there's no way to link directly to them.

For anyone wondering how to find out where a file is being downloaded from, this is easily checked in Google Chrome during download - open the downloads section. Works for all downloads. :)


Firefox shows where the download is from in the download box where you decide whether or not to download.
This shows the same download location you referenced.

There is an executable available, which does the same thing, but as software on your computer: Windows-ISO-Downloader.
I have used it for a few years. Seeing this article, I went to update and apparently it is based upon TechBench.
The update of February, 2020 showed 100% clean on VirusTotal.
It does not list Virtual Machines,

Thanks for reminder about  Firefox, I'm so used to seeing it that it didn't register.

I hadn't seen Windows-ISO-Downloader.
Rufus will download Windows versions but if I recall correctly (it's been a while since I used it) it doesn't access Office versions. Heidoc will download Windows and Office versions (https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-download-windows-10-iso-dir...) but requires you to download their program to access Microsoft servers.
I avoid them due to their advertising policy. A new window with ads opens when you run the program after installation. It runs as long as the program is open - it will only close when the program closes.
I understand the need for revenue to keep the site afloat - but having a window you didn't open on pop up on your desktop, that you can't close, that runs ads as long as you are using the program makes using the program unpleasant.

The one I use I got from Major Geeks (but it is the Heidoc) and I forgot to mention the ad window.
You can minimize it, but you can not close it (as you said).

I know what you mean about the Firefox download box.

The site is an interface to Microsoft's servers. I checked the site before I posted it, as I do everything I write about. I've been using the site for quite a long time with no issues, the downloads have always checked out with hash utilities, and the Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 ISO's I use have all come from that site.

As always, everyone is free to make their own assessments (and I encourage you to do so) about downloads, websites and anything else that I post here.
We do not agree about the safety or legitimacy of this particular site safe and that's fine.

The location where a domain is registered is not something I consider a risk factor.
I prefer the tools you've listed above as part of making assessments, but everyone has their own criteria that works for them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Me neither and considering the Cayman Islands has more company registrations than inhabitants I guess not all of them are engaged in malware distribuition. :) MC - Site Manager.

Lol I would agree with you. :)

I mentioned Cayman Islands because I could find pretty much nothing about this website except for where it was registered and CI is well-known as a notorious tax haven that is home to many thousands of bogus companies (because it is so easy to register a company there). So that just adds to the "sketchiness" of the site (I mean just look at the Donate page with russian text.)

I am glad you did your due diligence and checked hashes, but don't feel it is responsible to send readers to a site like this. If these ISOs are available on a MS page, or if there is a comprehensive set of links TO MS, THAT is where you should send folks to.

Disappointed here.

end of rant.

I didn't see anything about downloading Windows 10 ISO images on that page. Just information on Office versions and compatibility.

Do you see 5 boxes to the left of the picture of the laptop? Type, Version,, Edition, Language, and Select File? The Windows versions are under the Select Type box, click the downward arrow on the right side of the box to get a list. If that's not what you're seeing I'd agree with MC.



This will be either a browser add-on or Windows security software preventing the selection choices from loading. MC - Site Manager.

What is the secret to downloading. I tried several, mostly VM's, and got an XML error. Even tried Explorer and got an invalid address.

I tried all the VM's and am getting an XML error as well. Since the downloads come from Microsoft servers, I'm guessing they've pulled the files for now.

Why is there no working link for TechBench?

Try this https://tb.rg-adguard.net/public.php. It is available at the end of this article.

Thanks Jojo. :)

Outstanding, Rhiannon! And incredibly useful, too!


You're most welcome. I was glad to find all those Microsoft products in one place, easy to find and downloaded directly from Microsoft servers.

You get 5 stars for this one!

Thank you, stars are always good. :)