Extract Text from Images, Videos and PDF's with This Browser Add-On


Copyfish browser add-on

Copyfish is a free optical character recognition (OCR) extension for Firefox and Chrome web browsers. It extracts text from images, videos and PDF files.

This add-on for Chrome and Firefox lets you extract text from almost anything in a browser tab. It can extract text from videos, PDF files, and images including photos, screenshots, memes, error messages, etc.

Copyfish puts a fish shaped button in the address bar of your browser. To use Copyfish, click on the fish icon, select the area with the text you want extracted and Copyfish opens a separate window, extracts and displays the extracted text. The overlay lets you verify the text. You can choose to copy the text to the clipboard, redo the OCR, and recapture, or translate text. The translate button opens a new window showing Google Translate with your text pre-pasted so all you have to do is choose languages. (update: the translate feature has been added the paid plan)

If you need to extract text from an image, video or PDF, this is a good resource. It does a good job on most items, but as with most OCR programs there are items that scan well and some that don't. If you want a quick and easy way to extract text with a reasonable expectation of success and the ability to edit as needed, this does a good job. It didn't work on a few PDF files that were online, and the same PDF files worked in Chrome and not in Firefox. The good thing about it is that the text extraction is done in your browser and not stored anywhere. The downside is that it adds another add-on to the browser.

Copyfish does a good job with basic tasks. If you're looking for more functions there are two paid for plans with extra features.

Copyfish for Chrome

Copyfish for Firefox

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The popup permission panel looked not quite right to me but I don't do browser coding. I did not bother to investigate since I use other software and only wished to compare it. I was happy to pass on the install. There may be something to Holy Roller's post {shrugs} and I DO Cut and Paste passwords from time to time.

The permission panel in Firefox looked normal to me. I've just finished a clean install of Firefox and I've been seeing a lot of permission panels reinstalling add-ons. </sigh>

Thanks Rhiannon for continuing to find useful Windows utilities.
Screen OCR, PDF to Word, small file size media players, audio file editors, video file cutters and many other free utilities will always be helpful

As an aside, I have only recently found out about Handbrake for compressing video files. Thanks Techsupportalert

Thank you for your kind words. :)
Handbrake is a great program, it's been around a long time.

VERY DANGEROUS SOFTWARE. Check out the permissions. Everything you copy, you agree to share with others they decide. Thus your privacy is trashed, and if you happen to copy something that has a user neam, password, social...well, Lord help ya.

Could you please provide a specific reference or citation where you agree to share your data with the developers/company behind Copyfish and they state they will share your data within within the company or with third parties if you use Copyfish? It would be helpful and would allow me to amend the article if necessary.

The information that Copyfish captures stays in your local browser. It never leaves your device, and is not sent to any cloud service.

I read the permissions. I did further checking on both the company and the add-on before writing it up. I checked into their privacy policy. Their API and all source code is open source, anyone can look at it to see if your information is being sent outside the browser and any other add-on functions. The code is on Github. For additional information the company FAQ is useful.

Here's a helpful site about browser permissions and what they do, it's written for Firefox but the permissions would be the same across browsers:




Trace has this url on it's domain block list as of this message posting date.
PS Trace seems to work without any problems cropping up in the past 2 months in both mozilla and chromium browsers (WaterFox, Brave)

Would you mind giving me the URL Trace has on its block list?
Both links go to their respective add-on/extensions at Mozilla Add-ons and the Chrome web store.

PS Trace Version 2.4.2 default settings

Hope that's all you need. I just cancelled the install process so the extension never completed the installation process and does not appear in the installed extension list.

Win10 Home v 1903 ASUS bog standard laptop i5-8250U
Brave Version 1.0.1 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)

upon extension installation and adding required permission popup the below page appeared:

Trace Blocked this URL
Blocked because the Top Level Domain (e.g. .com, .au, .org) matched the blocklist

Three trace whitelist options are:

Why am I seeing this page? Your browser was navigated to a URL that matched Trace's blocked list, the exact reason will be highlighted above.
What will adding this site to the whitelist do? Your browser was navigated to a URL that matched Trace's blocked list, the exact reason will be highlighted above.

Thank you. I'm not sure what Trace is picking up on, the only thing I can  see is the URL for ocr.space is listed on both sites.
It's probably a false positive, the add-on has been around since 2017 and I'm not seeing any issues on the add-on pages for Chrome or Firefox. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good advice to be aware what you are pasting, but unless you paste things like your passwords and other private stuff, I don't see the need to be very alarmed...

Thanks rhiannon!
Installed and will begin using.

You're welcome, I'm glad you like it. :)

I use capture2text
It works in everywhere. Recommended

That looks like a good program, thanks. I'll check it out.

A handy tool to OCR content on a web page when a right-click copy is not available.