Go Straight to a Recipe With This Add-on for Firefox and Chrome


Recipe Filter add-on

Skip scrolling for recipes on sites that add them to the end of the page with this add-on/extension.

If you search for recipes, you've probably come across sites that make you scroll through endless screens of photos, text, and other content until you get to the end, where the recipe is located. It can be tedious if all you want is a recipe.

Enter Recipe Filter, an add-on/extension available for Chrome and Firefox. It works by detecting recipes and highlighting them nicely in a window at the top of the page.

The extension works very well, though it doesn't work on all sites.

In my testing it didn't work on approximately a third of the sites I visited. Many of the sites where it didn't work on had recipes close to the top of the page or they had a "Jump To Recipe" button so there was little to no scrolling needed to get to the recipe. Others required scrolling to the location of the recipe (often the bottom of the page). A very few sites displayed the recipe but the recipe was displayed as a block of text with no breaks or spacing.

Tip: If you scroll often and use a keyboard and Windows, the Space bar also scrolls down a page if you'd rather not use a mouse or the Page Down key.

The extension has a couple of options. It can be turned off for specific sites and you can edit the list under "Options" when you right click the Recipe Filter icon in the browser toolbar. To turn it off for a specific site, use the "disable on this site" button at the bottom of the recipe display. You can close the window by using the "close recipe" button at the bottom of the displayed recipe or click outside the display recipe window. Note that clicking outside the window doesn't close the displayed recipe on all sites.

Depending on individual site settings, there's usually a Print option that works in the displayed recipe window. I usually use the Ctrl + P keyboard combination to print things, but with this add-on, I would opt for browser Print preview. Some sites printed fine with or without the recipe displayed and some sites didn't print well with either option.

The Print preview option is accessed from the Settings/Print menu in both Chrome and Firefox.

If you search for recipes on the internet often, this is a gem that saves quite a bit of time and effort. It works on Firefox and Chrome, and it works fine on other browsers based on Chrome or Firefox code. Grab it for either browser here:

Download Recipe Filter for Firefox:

Download Recipe Filter for Chrome:

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I get this:
Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt.

Which browser? MC - Site Manager

Firefox 60.6.1esr (32-bit)

Have you tried right clicking on the +Add to Firefox button, choosing Save Link As, download the xpi, open Add-Ons from the settings menu (three horizontal lines top right), click the Gear icon, and from the dropdown choosing Install Add-on From File?

If that doesn't work, you might try an earlier version of the add-on, available from the add-on page.

I'm asking because I installed it on two Firefox browsers (not synced and at the moment not the same version) on my desktop and laptop. It also installed in Waterfox on desktop and laptop with no issues.  Using version 70, 64 bit.

Thanks rhiannon, I tried that before updating to the latest esr version of Firefox.
It's my own fault...

I completely understand. :)

I have installed 68.2.0esr (32-bit) and it installed.

Excellent. :)

Great. :) MC

I am testing this one and passing it to a recipe group that will beat it to death :)
Vivaldi users can get this from the Chrome web store!!
Thanks Rhiannon for another winner