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Among the image sharing services, Imgur stands out for its free image hosting with an unlimited number of images for users and no registration of accounts is necessary for usage.

Reaching more than 250 million people per month, Imgur has been going strength from strength since it phased out Pro account subscriptions and made the Pro features completely free for everyone.

Besides allowing you to upload images for sharing with the public or only the people you choose, Imgur hosts many interesting images including funny gifs and memes shared by the community of users for you to explore in the gallery.

On its website, you can browse through images by Most Viral, User Submitted or Highest Score, or search pictures with tags, keywords or users. After signing in, you can leave comments, casting votes, or save your favorite posts to your profile; you can also manage, edit or delete images uploaded by yourself.

Imgur is also available as a mobile app on Android and iOS platforms so that you can gain access to Imgur's services on the move.





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Photo privacy - what no one actually tells you


Thanks. Proves my point that we are way to permissive with the sharing of our photos. Metadata can track the address the photo was taken !
Techsupportalert was based on providing people with software info that is screened to be safe

Can we not be recommending any more website uploading services that request photos or documents, without making clear the associated risks

So if you recommend a photo upload site, please recommend that personal photos be first stripped of their metadata
This is basic information in 2019

Gizmo’s Freeware always tries to safeguard the interests of members and visitors including download advisory notices for some software but there is a limit to adopting a nanny type of presentation.

Pretty much everything you do in life has security and privacy risks especially using Windows and yet here we are as predominantly a Windows resource site. Also, for years we have published a series of security related articles including the one linked below yet the readership numbers for these are insignificant compared with Best Free Live Wallpapers which pretty much sums up user preferences.


The same applies to Windows security software where 95% of all users never bother to read the vendor’s documentation and thus end up with an incorrectly configured system churning out results they can't understand and most likely ignore.

In all honesty therefore it is the responsibility of computer and web users to educate themselves about best safe practices because there’s a limit to how much sites like ours can help. MC - Site Manager.

Yes. The majority of computer readers these are blasé about security risks. They don’t read security articles. Attention spans have reduced, and all that matters is that you have a good selfie

To inform people, you just need one sentence at the end of reviews:

For software, we need to state that the program has been screened for malware

For photo upload sites, we need to remind people that the Privacy policy may allow developers to onsell your photos, so strip your photo metadata first (and provide the link how to do this)

As I’ve said to Rhiannon, it’s better to find utilities to perform tasks, rather than uploading your data to anonymous websites. Instead we normalise this behaviour

Tech support should always keep people informed, otherwise it becomes part of the problem

And don't forget that, unless you've deleted it, photographs often include GPS data along with time and date stamps. For the average person that probably doesn't mean much, but for those with massive data harvesting and analysis capabilities (Google, etc.) it means being able to know your exact location at a specific time and date. And beyond that, to extrapolate your travels if enough information is available.

No, I'm not really that paranoid. But the data is there along with the capability to analyze it, should someone want to.

What information is stored in a smartphone photo’s metadata?

The great thing about Techsupportalert is that when discussing computer software, reviewers always mention that software has been scanned and it doesn’t contain malware. In other words it probably functions as you expect without uploading data back to developers or coinstalls bad code

Unfortunately when it comes to online sites that upload your personal data (and photos are very personal data) there is no similar warning about how our photos potentially are being used. Online sites in my opinion pose an equal risk as installed software and malware

We have already learned that many sites are harvesting peoples facial photos and selling them to companies that are creating facial recognition software for government, policing and commercial uses.

It’s time we stop uploading our photos to anonymous websites. We have become so permissive to this practice
Even Facebook and Instagram are probably harvesting people’s photos for this reason

In 2019 you would be crazy to be giving strangers your most personal data. Yet everyone does it and we encourage people to do so

Please always clarify what is the privacy policy regarding these websites which ask you to upload photos
Specifically can your photos be used in the development of facial recognition technology software

I trust you do understand the implications of peoples photos being used in this way

This is just one extract from their Privacy Policy.

“None of this information is “personal data” – that is, data we could use to identify a specific person. Some of this information could, however, become personal data because we provide automatically collected anonymous data to third party advertisers to supplement the tracking information described below, and those third parties might be able to combine our anonymous data with other data they have to enable them to identify people.”

Basically this absolves them from everything and anything even when you understand that how privacy rules are implemented varies between countries.

In reality anything you post online is likely to be used by individuals or companies should they attach value to it for their own ends and the only way to prevent this is not to post it. It doesn’t matter how many rules are broken when the servers in question are based in the Ukraine or Vietnam. :)

MC - Site Manager.