A clean and simple clipboard manager, with plugins to bring some interesting features


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Lightweight, easy to use, plugins available.
Development discontinued, poor cursor-only navigation.

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ClipX is a clean and simple clipboard manager. Like CLCL, this program adds an icon on the system tray.

Left-clicking the icon brings you a clip history for you to select one of the copied items, while right-clicking the icon lets you configure the application and manage the clips.

Plugins are available to bring some interesting features, like "Stickies" to keep a list of permanent entries at the bottom of your history; "Save Image As" to save image clipboards as PNG or JPG format, "ColorPicker" to grab the color of the pixel under the mouse and formats it to your preferences before sending it to the clipboard.

Plugins are executive files and can be installed automatically into the program folder, which is more intuitive than CLCL plugins that require manual setup.

Unfortunately it is not being developed anymore (the latest beta was released in 2008), but it remains a very good clipboard manager and still works very well in the latest version of operating system like Windows 10.

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i have win 7 upgrade to win 10. clipx wouldn't run

I love ClipX and have used it for years. I would give this app "Six Stars". The only problem is the update version 1903 to Windows 10 has caused it to stop working. Worked PERFECTLY until then. It will install, but cannot be configured and will NOT save any clips. I have installed about 20 other clipboard apps that hasn't come close to ClipX. Windows has it's own multi-clip clipboard in their new update, so that might be the problem. Is there any way ClipX can be fixed to run on Windows 10 version 1903? If so, I need HELP!