A Superb Music Player with Multiple Queues and Advanced Features, Free and No Ads

Source: Musicolet


Google Play Music is mostly preinstalled on Android smartphones but it lacks some features you may need, like browsing music files by folder, editing mp3 tags, etc.

If what you have been looking for is an offline music player with more features, then check out this powerful music player Musicolet, which the developer says it is made for music lovers, created with love, lots of codes and sleepless nights.

Upon running the app, Musicolet automatically adds audio files to the player, and lets you instantly access music files either by queue, folder, album, artist, genre, playlists and more, besides editing music tags, album arts, synced or unsynced lyrics from within the player.

In addition to supporting playlists, this player is currently the only Android app that allows multiple queues of songs for playback.

The best of all, it is free with no ads, obviously a superb music player with great features not to miss out.





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Like I said before, this is still a great freebie as the only Music Player with multi-queue features. However since lyrics are so important to me, especially floating lyrics, I have to stick with either MusixMatch or Crimson Player (ad-free). The latter has scrolling lyrics in the Free version and floating lyrics in Pro. 

Thanks GJ for the various suggestions. MusixMatch is one of my favourite apps too. Scrolling lyrics is supported in Musicolet, which reads lyrics from .lrc files or embedded in audio files.

Thanks for this, Jojo. Pretty impressive considering no ads or in app purchases. It's very good :-)

Indeed it is a good app deya.

Nice find Jojo. I installed it, and like it. Good features for an app which is free and ad-free too.

Also, it's from India, which makes me quite proud :D.

I have Rocket Player installed too, which is another music player that I like. Offers good features for free, and is simple too.

You're welcome Anupam. Glad that you like the app.

Have used it in the past, and is a great freebie!

Many thanks for your kind feedback GJ.