Watch NASA Build The Next Mars Rover Live


NASA's Spacecraft Assembly Facility

You can watch the next Mars Rover being built in NASA's Spacecraft Assembly Facility (SAF). View continuous live coverage from the SAF clean room webcam or tune in to the YouTube channel for live coverage and moderated chats.

Watch live as the Mars 2020 Rover is assembled and tested by JPL engineers and technicians at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. The webcam, named Seeing 2020 provides a live video feed (without audio) from above the clean room floor. The YouTube channel webchats will occur Mon.-Thu. at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. PDT (2 p.m. and 7 p.m. EDT), with additional moderated chats when special activities (like drive tests) occur.

At the moment, work starts at 8:00am (PDT) Monday through Friday with no specified end time.
To date, the back shell, descent stage and cruise stage have been assembled and tested. The clean room may be or appear to be empty when assembly activity has shifted to other JPL facilities or when work on 2020 moves out of view of the camera to other parts of the clean room. The camera may also be turned off periodically for maintenance or technical issues.
Occasionally one of the staff will wave at the camera.

This is upcoming schedule for the rover right now:
Spring 2019 Rover Assembly
Summer 2019 Spacecraft Assembly and Stacking
Early 2020 Spacecraft Ships to Kennedy Space Center
Summer 2020 Vehicle Stacking to Launch Configuration
July 2020 Launch Period Opens

Mars 2020 will be the first mission to look for signs of past life on Mars. The rover will collect and store samples of rock and soil on the surface for a potential future mission to bring back to Earth.

Continuous live video of rover construction is available here:

The feed is also available on YouTube with the scheduled, moderated chats here:

If you've ever been curious how and under what conditions NASA spacecraft are created, here's a front seat view.

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I remember going on a tour of NASA's JPL a few years ago. It was a very informative visit, which included live views of current spacecraft construction from a viewing gallery, entry to the control room from which current active missions are being monitored, the launch tracking room from where actual launches are tracked, and of course a lot of spacecraft history. Quite fascinating!

That's a tour I would love to take, it sounds wonderful.