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Many advances have recently been made with gaming leading the way, up to now. We all acknowledge that PC gaming is the best; however, not everyone can run the high-demanding games like Battlefield or League of Legends. So, that leaves us with the flash games and the likes, provided you have the Internet, you can play these games (as long as they aren't blocked).

The Internet is full of websites claiming free-this, and free-that when it comes to downloading "free" games. However, the truth is you are only downloading a trial version, and will be asked to pay after a certain amount of time. Some of the trial versions even stop working once the time period is up. So, lets go hunting for some sites that are the real deal:


1. (

One of the only HTML5 game sites that allows players and developers to easily access all they need. It can be used on a computer or a smartphone! So you can play all the games you love on all the devices you love!


2. Two Player Games (

Awesome site with tons of free online flash games, also including mostly two player games which are tons of fun to play with someone else. No registration needed to play games. Recommended to play with someone else for twice the fun!


3. Houzi (

Great online mochi flash games, which also include: leaderboards, likes, favorites, ranks and many more!

No registration needed to play such games, but a registration is required to save your score and work!


4. Pogo (

An awesome on-line gaming site with hundreds of games available to play after completing a simple registration.


5. Friv ( ( (

Many games on here, and many games named after Friv, so put a few here. All have great games and all reliable. Been up for a long time and many people use them!


6. Addicting Games (

Includes tons of some of the best online flash games ever. With choosable genres, popular games, multiplayer and even mobile games for your phone; it is also the largest online games site in the USA, with over 10 million unique users every month.

Note: If you're trying this site out for yourself, then I'd recommend playing one of their most popular games, "Zombocalypse".


7. Arcade Prehacks (

Features hundreds of awesome online hacked flash games, which are no doubt some of the best games. No registration required to play any of the games.


Although every website has been checked and downloaded by me personally, I would still recommend you have a firewall in place, as well as any form of anti-virus and anti-spyware installed on your computer before downloading. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and this goes for downloading ANYTHING from the Internet. Gizmo has a great program for you to utilize when figuring your security needs,

I would like to say that many people post links to unsafe websites, or game sites around one genre. I would prefer to keep this filled with places for all types of games, for a quick and easy click and play. Many thanks.


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Nice article, but there are many sites which are offering free online games to play...

There are many good sites with Flash games. I use and There are almost no ads and a good selection of games.

Those are great websites, I visited some of them but I didn't know that Google offers free games.

When I saw a student, I'm a fan and I play free flash games at newgrounds.

Now I play free flash games in these websites
1) Racing Games:
2) Girl games: (for my cousins and sister)
3) All flash games: (but I seldom visit them now because there are no more new games)

[Removed. Only links to English language sites are permitted]

I play free games at this website. it is great