An End of Year Thank-you from Gizmo

So another year draws to an end. And what a year. Shocking internet privacy scandals involving some of the largest internet companies in the world, sophisticated hacking by nation states determined to influence free elections, massive video and face recognition surveillance of just about everybody as well as attempts by governments to break down encryption standards with the effect of leaving us all vulnerable and exposed.
Oh dear, not much good news here is there?  Worse still I cannot see things improving in 2019. Quite the opposite, things are likely to get worse.
No point despairing though, that doesn’t help anything. Better to try to improve things where we can, even if this is on a small scale. As the old saying goes, think globally but act locally. 
That’s what we are trying to do here at Gizmo’s Freeware. In our own very small way, we’ve tried to stay honest, act ethically and steadfastly resist caving in to commercial pressures.
Sounds wonderful but it comes at a cost. As you all know, we are constantly struggling to stay financially viable and that’s a problem that’s not going to go away. In the end it may even result in the site shutting down.
But if that happens, so be it. Better that than selling out. Hopefully though, we will survive and, in the process, feel we are doing a little good in a world which has seen the apparent collapse of decency and the demise of ethical standards.
But this is not just about us, it’s about you. Without you guys, our regular users, this site is nothing. It is you who make the effort worthwhile.
So as the year draws to an end, I’d like to thank all our regular users for their loyalty and contribution through their thousands of posts and comments as well as their financial support during our fund-raisers. I’d also like to thank our many volunteer editors and tireless moderators. Without whose efforts, this site could not exist. To all of you scattered across the world in over 150 different countries, I wish a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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Congratulations on the great service you provide. I am sure many users, like myself will do our best to keep this service going

I want to donate so badly, but alas, the liberal policies prevent that. So as the left likes to chant, I'm going to resist... until common sense prevails. Kinda betting your prediction "In the end it may even result in the site shutting down." will come to pass first though. Just ask geekomatic.

Great resources and great volunteers doing an excellent / unbiased job make this site a valuable resource to folks looking for solutions to all sorts of computing needs. Just because its free does not mean its inferior! In fact I've found for many solutions the free stuff is often better than a paid alternative. The one element here as opposed to other free sites is the great evaluations of the products and product categories. Its been a go to site for me for many years and I hope for many more years. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Ian .......
I often wonder where we would be without Gizmo's Tech Support Alert.
It's my turn-to whenever I need an absolutely unbiased and honest review of free software.
Cheers from Bundanoon Australia.

Still an oasis of sanity in the cesspool known as the web 2018. Thank you gizmo!
Hope you rhiannon and all had a great Christmas, Happy 2019, donation coming in the NY.

Happy holidays to everyone, everywhere.

Let's not forget: RESIST!

Make your voices known on the things that matter. Sign petitions & vote for those who share your concerns.

All the best to Gizmo's & the rest of us.


Thank you and all of the editors for everything you've been offering us. :-)

Thanks works both ways. Your site has provided me with innumerable useful and FREE solutions.
So, seasons greetings to all at Gizmo's. Long may you continue.