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MandalaGaba is an ad-free website where anyone can make, save, share and collaborate to create mandalas and tesselations. Anyone with a mouse or a touch screen can make a piece of beautiful art at this relaxing website. Save what you created, share it, or have others add to your creation.

MandalaGaba is a site "for people who have any kind of interests in drawing, addictive online thingies, mandalas, digital art, single page no bull*** websites, doodling, time wasting and procrastination".
You can spend a lot of time at this site, playing with the shapes, colors, lines, and other tools to create a mandala or tesselation. I created the mandala above in a short time.

When you visit the site, you see a page with a solid background color. There may be lines on the solid background.
Moving your mouse or finger on the screen will draw lines that make shapes and patterns. You can start anywhere on the screen and move your mouse in any direction, including circular motions. Moving your mouse or touch screen in any direction without lifting the cursor or finger from the page creates different types of lines and patterns.
On the left are the tools, boxes where you select line options, geometric shapes and patterns, line thickness, undo, and more. There's a suggested color palette to go with the background color, or you can choose other colors.

Each time you visit the site, a unique URL is generated. You can save your creations, share them, or give someone the unique URL and they can add to the page. Then you add to the page, and so on, collaborating in creating of a little work of art.

It's a fun and relaxing website. I recommend visiting their gallery, where they showcase the some of the best creations. Writing about it is harder and takes longer than making things on the site, so head over there and create something. :)

Mandala Gaba

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(h/t @estherschindler)


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Cool. Reminds me of the old Spirograph from the '60s-'70s.

I thought the same thing. :)

Thanks for this little gem, Rhiannon!

You're welcome, I'm glad you like it!

Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. FYI I'm using the latest Firefox but can't figure out why nothing happens when I click and drag. :-(

Perhaps you have one or more plugins in Firefox that are blocking things? ... Just an idea. You could try deactivating the plugin(s) temporarily, or (if possible) just for this website. Or you could try it in another browser. There is no harm in having several browsers, in fact it can be an advantage. For instance using the browsers for different purposes.

I tested it Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and Waterfox. It worked fine. It was working on Firefox this morning. Then it wasn't, but only in Firefox. Ctrl+F5 brought it right up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Could not agree more.
Thank you rhiannon!

I'm happy you're enjoying it. I'm still playing with it. :)

You can get lost for hours in there

Crafting with this + ambient music is incredibly relaxing

I've definitely lost hours there. I'm still there playing around. :) The music is an excellent suggestion.