Scan most CDs and DVDs, and recover lost files in a full sweep


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Scan CD's, recover CD's, salvage fragments.
This product is free to use but note: the authors state that you should request a free license from CDCheck online (you must register as a CDCheck online user, activate your account, login to CDCheck online and request free license).

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CDCheck is a good alternative program to scan most CDs and DVDs in a few minutes to tell you if the data is OK - this way, you don't have to find out the hard way that there is a problem.

Plus you can use the time it takes for a scan to complete as an indicator of the CD or DVDs overall health. Even though files may not be recorded as damaged, slower results normally indicate a CD that is on the way out (expect longer times if there are more files on the CD).

If a CD or DVD is showing files with damage, or you can no longer read a file in a drive, CDCheck can be switched to recovery mode and makes a full sweep of the CD or DVD, recovering lost files along the way. When parts of a file can't be fully recovered, the program will still recover any salvageable fragments.

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I've found an extremely scratched audio disc which I really wanted to recover (I'd post a photo of it but idk if I can). Windows refused to even try and play it. Ashampoo made an attempt to copy it but except for the first minute of the first track it was just 50 minutes of the same stuttering over and over. CD Recovery Toolbox didn't know how to deal with an audio CD and only recovered a 44 bytes worth of .cue files. Then I tried CDCheck - and despite it showing like 6000 C2 read errors, it frickin worked! I've carefully listened to all the recovered songs, no stuttering, not even a slightest distortion in sound either.
Will definitely stay on my hard drive in case if another recovery is needed. Try it!

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