Gizmo's Freeware's Independence is Under Threat: Here's How You Can Help




Gizmo's Freeware is one of the few remaining websites that it doesn't charge for reviews, doesn't offer pay-for-app listing services or accept reviews written by developers and advertisers. That’s the reason our reviews have always been honest and independent and that's the way we want to keep it.

However, we are currently under a lot of financial pressure and it's coming from an unexpected source: our users. That’s because 46% of our users now use ad blockers and as a result, our general Google ad revenue has fallen sharply. Don’t get me wrong: we support the right of our users to employ ad-blockers. Hey, we have even recommended to you the best ad-blocking products!

But our fall in ad revenue is now limiting our ability to update our freeware reviews and expand our coverage. That affects everybody. We are looking at long term financial solutions but in the short term we need to survive.

We could easily raise more money by being more blatantly commercial, but we don't want to go there. Instead, we are running a fund-raiser campaign asking our loyal and understanding users to contribute a small amount as a donation to the site.

So please help Gizmo's remain independent and fearless by donating just a few dollars now. In our 16 years of operation I’ve only ever asked twice before for support and hopefully will not need to do so again for a long time. So please guys and gals, stand up and be counted at this time of need.

Donate now by clicking the Donate button below or clicking the following link:


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I normally contribute at Christmas because I do use the ad blockers but will now start doing so twice a year. This site is invaluable to me and I am on it at least once or twice per day.

I feel a bit foolish admitting this, but at the same time perhaps it should be seen by current admin here... I have always visited Gizmos's at the "Hot Finds" section. Since I saw very little happening since Rob's departure, I figured the site was on the way out. I now see there has been a steady stream of "News" articles posted, but I wonder if there are others out there who only ever looked at the hot finds section (or another section - are other portions of the site being ignored?) and have drifted away because there is next to zero activity. Ad-blockers are one thing - low traffic is another, and perhaps more insidious.

Good point there. Rhiannon has now taken over Robert's Hot Finds category but has been posting it under her own category called "Tech Treats" I get posts from both and so hadn't noticed that Hot Finds subscribers were missing out. From now on Rhiannon will post under both categories and I'll merge the RSS feeds as well.

It wouldn't let me log in until I entered a Dollar amount.
I clicked on the 3 zeros and entered five point zero zero and it worked just fine.

To all those that can't stand the high rates or get the interface to work -
If you sign up for a Paypal account (it's FREE) it cost you NOTHING to donate and you can also send money to ANY email address for FREE.
I'm going now to give $5, won't you give a Dollar?
If everyone gave one Dollar ...

I thank you all for your kind comments and generous donations. It's the Gizmo community that is by far the most rewarding part of running this website. Gizmo

Donated. I've been using this website for many many years and it's never failed me. Well worth a few dollars in my eyes

When i click on Donate (the paypal link) it takes me to a paypal page but the amount shows $0.00, and there is no way to update it.

Yes I understand this may be confusing - its not well designed by PayPal. However if you click on the 0.00 amount you can then change it to whatever you want.

I'm having the same problem (from UK). I'm keen to donate (again) but when I follow the link to the Paypal page I can see no way of changing the default amount from '$0.00'. Have turned all ad blockers off (permanently now for but can't donate using either Firefox or Chrome. I'll keep trying though - I like and trust your site and its ethos and am keen to support you.

I did manage to donate.
I figured out the 0.00 you see when you lan on that page is actually not text in the text box that you can delete.
It is shadow text. That is why backspace does nothing.
Just click on a zero and type in your $ amount with cents.

Really, really bad user experience design by PayPal.

Finally managed to donate - just ignore the digits in the 'amount' box and start typing the amount you want to donate. Why is it that some of the biggest online enterprises (like Paypal) have the worst UIs?

Your site has been a great help to me over the years. I am happy to give back to you. Hope this site will remain for many years to come.

Donation made and ad blocker disabled for this website

Disabled my ad blocker - I didn't realize it was on for Gizmo's - and I'm making a donation. Thanks for the great work!

I made a donation. I tried to avoid using PayPal because of their outrageous 4% currency conversion fee. Unfortunately my donation was routed through PayPal. PayPal now gouge and I try to avoid using their payments service.

I use an ad blocker, and so I'm not conscious of who uses ads and who doesn't. I disabled it for Gizmo just now, and upon refreshing the page there is no discernible difference. Nevertheless, I'm more than happy to allow ads here.

Google ads... fine.
Kindly explain Google Analytics and Skimlinks.

I turned off the ad blocker too. I didn't know that the lock up in the address bar is where that is kept.
I donated and posted this page to my FaceBook wall. Please check your store link so that you can get funds that way too.
It didn't work for me...
I've prayed that the spirits help you.

This is by far the best 'go to' freeware site I have ever used. It is my first and only site that I use for recommended freeware. I am glad to donate to keep you going forever.

Happy to help out. Great site that has saved me a lot of time and money.

Donated five minutes ago... I wonder why people use ad block on techsupportalert, your ads are not annoying like other websites...