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Aloha Browser

A full-featured mobile browser with VPN, ad block, video downloads and more.


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Built-in VPN, ad block, configurable search engines, video downloads and private tabs.
Video downloads disabled on some popular sites, sponsored ads.

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Aloha Browser is a mobile browser that has a free unlimited VPN built-in, which allows you to circumvent geo-restrictions and censorship while browsing the Internet with more privacy and security.

Whenever you need to browse websites anonymously or access blocked websites, it is just a tap on the shield icon on the top left of Aloha Browser.

Besides the VPN, Aloha browser offers a plethora of great features such as ad block, search engines, VR player and private tabs.

Via the app's settings, you can enable or disable ad block; choose a search engine of your choice, either Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo or the other; configure the Start page, theme, font size and more.

On the Start page, Aloha allows you to add shortcuts to your favorite websites, followed by frequently visited sites, trending news feeds based on your settings, and some sponsored ads that, unfortunately, cannot be disabled by users.

Aloha Browser also features a download manager that is capable of downloading videos directly from the media player while you’re watching them online. Although it claims that "If you can play it -- you can download it!", video downloads from such websites as YouTube and Vimeo have been disabled in Aloha Browser as it has to comply with Google’s or Apple's policies. (See also TubeMate YouTube Downloader)


This Mobile Browser Offers You A Free Unlimited VPN With Maximum Privacy and Security

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A VPN with Ads ? So much for the "ad block" and our privacy.