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GreenMP3I'm always interested in new sites that allow you to download a YouTube video as an MP3 file, as it's a great way to be able to play a music track on your PC. My latest discovery is something called GreenMP3, which you'll find at

Just paste in the YouTube video URL, wait a few seconds and your MP3 (or MP4 video if you choose that option) is ready for downloading.

NOTE: When you first visit this web site your browser will ask if you wish to grant it permission to display notifications. To avoid any unwanted adverts, say no. The site will still function just fine.

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I use YouTube mp3 Downloader in Firefox and it asks for a donation on the plugin page, but there's no ads or porno popups. It works fast, and downloads the mp3 of a 4 minute song in a few seconds.

As the article rightly says, there are lots of YouTube converters (mp4 to mp3 and in many cases other formats too). I have a shortlist of several including,, and They all have to try to keep up as YouTube and others adjust their sites to deter downloads and conversions. And they all - to some extent - feature ads or links.

But I agree with others who have commented that this green.mp3 site is horrible. It more pernicious than any other I have used. I use adblocking add-ons and set my browser security pretty high. But when I tried greenmp3 it made several attempts (some more devious than others) to redirect me to other sites. It opened additional browser windows, which looked convincing but were counterfeit (and could not be closed!) ; and tried to persuade me to download totally spurious security updates. All familiar ploys. But nasty and unwelcome all the same.

There are other mp3 converters. My advice would be to stay well away from this one.

As already stated. this site is completely safe according to us and verifiable external sources.
In order that we can assess your own findings please provide complete details about the 'security updates' and 'additional browser windows' opened including the links to them. MC - Site Manager.

Hello MC. Regret I can't provide the full details you seek. I purged my history, my cache and all cookies after visiting the site, and ran MBAM, just in case there were any unwelcome traces left by the greenmp3 website or its links.

I took a deep breath and tried to go to the site again today. This is what I got:
[quote] Secure Connection Failed. An error occurred during a connection to SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem. [unquote]

From memory, when I did visit the site (using Firefox, with UBlock addon, on a Linux Mint OS) to try out its conversion, I pasted a YouTube link into the box, and did get a converted mp3 for download. But at some point (when I clicked either Convert or Download) two or three popups appeared, at least one of which urged me to download a security update. And when I exited the greenmp3 site and closed that browser page, another separate Firefox window was open. It looked like (but wasn't) the Mozilla Firefox site, and it had full-page graphics looking like Firefox and urging the installation of security updates. I couldn't close that window in any of the usual ways, so had to power off the laptop. Not nice.

As I recall, that particular window or website showed up in my Firefox history as something like "" or" or something like that. Whatever it was, I deleted it!

I hope that gives some clues. YMMV, as they say. I plan to give the site a wide berth - but if others want to explore and post up their findings, it would be interesting to know if anyone encounters anything similar to what I experienced....

IMO it is better to try to understand how websites operate and tailor your usage thereof accordingly, including the configuration for browsers, add-ons and security software. In fact most reputable sites have links to external sources some might find objectionable. As an example I collected these two from Softpedia today.
Merely deleting stuff after it has appeared in some cases is unlikely to resolve whatever threat you might have encountered. If this happens again, you could take a screenshot of whatever windows appear which will help those trying to suggest a solution. MC - Site Manager.

I always avoid sites like this, safe or not, as there are many good youtube video downloader add-ons for browsers, and I can just download the video with one click and then use VLC to extract the audio to mp3 or any other format.

This is good advice especially for those unfamiliar with how to protect their surfing habits from unwanted 'options'. File converter software, download programs and related online services are the most likely sources for unwanted material. Most of it is just annoying ad-related stuff that can be easily removed but some is more aggressive and can lead to infection. This is where the WOT (Web Of Trust) browser add-on becomes a valuable tool. Not infallible and not without it's own slightly tainted history but there are plenty of red-rated sites in the category discussed here that will infect your computer but won't if you accept the WOT rating and don't go there. MC - Site Manager.

I would also add that I only install browser add-ons that are listed on Chrome or Firefox extension pages and have a large number of good reviews from users, just for added safety. Firefox also now tells you what the add-on wants permissions for, which lets you know how intrusive it may be.

CONVERT2MP3.NET is both clean and handy.

Agree, CONVER2MP3.NET is safe, effective and fast. I am a very happy user.

For me this is the one which works always >

The article specifically mentions an option to download MP4 videos. Everything I clicked that looked like it would give me an option took me to an unwanted other website. Please tell us how to find the MP4 option.

C'mon! what the hack is this??? i've been redirected to a porno site!!!

The website is perfectly clean but as per my comment below which you may have missed, like many other sites this one contains links to external sources.
Please post in our support forum if you would like assistance with configuring your browser addons to avoid these links. MC - Site Manager.

Yes Midnight..i missed your comment below...sorry :-)
Also posted on your support forum,,,,

THX David

I've tried several similar sites and there seemed to be something fishy about every one. On this one, I clicked INSIDE the window to paste the URL and it immediately redirected.

Click almost anywhere on the webpage and it takes you elsewhere. All the sites it opened for me are ready to download various pieces of (likely bad actor) software. This is a surprisingly awful recommendation!

The same applies to pretty much every other site that uses external links to finance their services but most people use an ad-blocker to hide these links. If however you choose to click on the "Talk To Flirty Russians Online" link then presumably you know what to expect. MC - Site Manager.

I do use ad blocking. The areas that I clicked included completely blank background on the page, with the cursor showing an arrow, not a finger indicating a link. In addition, entering a Youtube link and clicking on the MP3 button to do what they claim to offer had the same result of going to another, totally unrelated website.
Don't shoot or blame the messenger.

Using uBlock Origin and Chrome, none of the issues you describe happened to me. The pasted URL was simply downloaded. MC - Site Manager.

Good, there's a way to avoid the problem. However, not everyone will be using the same tools and there IS a problem.

There are settings in most browser configurations to avoid redirects and/or addons to achieve the same objective with often better success. As stated previously, this is an internet wide issue not restricted to the link we have published here and users should gain this knowledge before exposing themselves to potentially harmful sources. The same applies when using download sites, especially the likes of CNet and Softonic. MC - Site Manager.