Pale Moon. This New Web Browser Is Far From New!


Pale Moon browserFancy a change from your normal web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge? Installing multiple web browsers on Windows is a perfectly natural thing to do, and many people use more than one. And because most of them are free, you can just download any that you like.

If you've never heard of Pale Moon, then you're not alone. I'd never heard of it until a few days ago, but I've been using it recently and it's quite good. Very good, in fact. It's fast, very customizable, and is compatible with many (but not all) Firefox extensions. That's because it's actually based on the Firefox code, but that was way back in version 1 before the developers spent a long time making it work the way they wanted.

The latest version is 27.7.2 (see, I told you it wasn't new) and was released yesterday. You can download it from and the installer is around 1 MB, although it'll then download a further 32 MB when you run it. From my tests, both the installer and the additional downloads are malware-free and safe to use.

If you're still using Internet Explorer (which is now pretty much out of date) or Microsoft Edge (which I personally think is awful), give Pale Moon a try and see what you think. If you don't like it, at least you can use it to download yet another browser to try.

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i been using opera better than chrome or mozilla most time
won't open some video that i haven't figure out

. Ever since Mozilla decided not to support the forks, I've been using Pale Moon and Waterfox.

Another very good Firefox clone is Waterfox, which I use since Firefox 57 blew up almost all my add-ons.

Unlike Pale Moon, Waterfox is very closely based on Firefox and so benefits from the security updates by Mozilla. The main difference is that Waterfox has not dropped support for Legacy/XUL add-ons. Waterfox uses the Firefox Store and almost all the add-ons are usable, including the Legacy ones. In fact, Mozilla itself recommends Waterfox for users requiring Legacy add-ons.

When I installed Waterfox, it very neatly and painlessly extracted all my information from Firefox, including add-ons, bookmarks and saved logins.

If you absolutely, positively need a close Firefox clone, Waterfox is the choice, but it still hesitates a bit when you click a link and thus "pales" in comparison to Pale Moon for speed.

I haven't noticed a hesitation after click a link, I'll kep an eye out for it.

I like to suggest you try the same site in Pale Moon and Waterfox. I think you'll see what I mean.

I've been using Pale Moon for more than 6 months as my primary browser, and I'm very happy and comfortable with it.

It's like the old Firefox from a couple of years ago, before they messed it up by introducing the Australis interface and trying to imitate Chrome. It's fast, solid, secure and works really well - and most Firefox add-ons will work with it, including old ones that no longer work with Firefox itself.

I was a devoted Firefox user for many years, but now I prefer Pale Moon because I don't like the way Firefox has been evolving, and I want to keep my old add-ons.

Thanks for discussing PaleMoon
TechSupportAlert reviews a number of browsers and there is no shortage of choice

A fast internet browser (preferably with a portable version) is the nirvana of computing
By definition, fast simply means no lag when typing, and no lag when loading pages -.not much to ask in 2018

At some point in computing history, it has become acceptable for net browsers to need over 1 gigabyte memory just to function
Leave a browser open for 30 minutes, and the memory usage usually climbs to over 1.5 GB of memory !
To make matters worse, many browsers have memory leaks which make them slow and sometimes painful to use
Maybe this is related to the complexity of websites, but most webpages are simply text and images

And the fact some browsers need to open up multiple processes, with a high CPU requirement, seems truly excessive

Pale Moon (portable) does seem to be a faster browser than Firefox, in my humble testing today
10 browser tabs open, and 1.3 GB of memory required

You're absolutely right, on all counts. Pale Moon is much faster than Firefox, and in my experience, only Pale Moon and Slimjet have no hesitation when you click a (speed dial) link.

Pale Moon is very fast, there is a portable version, and any bells and whistles are optional. The developers strike me as being down-to-earth, common-sense people.

I wasn't able to make the portable version of Pale Moon my default browser.. Have you had success doing so?

I've found that you can't make the portable version the default browser. You have to install the standard version to do that.

However... your profile folder contains everything personal that you need to transfer to another machine. So the work-around is to copy or back up the 'portable' profile folder, install the standard Pale Moon on another machine, and switch to that profile. Everything will then be the same, layout, themes, bookmarks, add-ons, etc. The profile folder is the only essential thing that you need to back up or transfer.

Thanks so much for the response and the tip.

Let me elaborate a bit more as I'm quite experienced with many browsers. Pale Moon is as fast as they come, and maybe marginally the fastest. It handles just like Firefox, but it has one serious shortcoming - a lack of add-ons. Most Firefox add-ons won't work anymore, and Pale Moon's own selection is quite lacking, though I would say that in almost all incidences, there are substitutes of prior versions that used to run on Firefox but no longer do. However, if you need an Ebates button for example, you're out of luck

Not only is Pale Moon as fast as Slimjet (the fastest of the Chrome clones I've tried, it's superior to Vivaldi, Opera, and Slimjet in that it has one single entry in the list of running processes while the Chrome clones have many. That may not be a factor until you try to kill a browser that's hung up, but it could also possibly be a factor in why your other programs run slow.

That said, Pale Moon is still my second choice to Slimjet at least until add-on development appears to be more robust, because as it stands, and it might just be my imagination, Pale Moon gives the impression that it can't quite keep up, so I don't want to be dependent on something that might disappear.