A Top-Class Vector Illustration Package For Windows


InkscapeWhen it comes to creating or editing images on a computer, there are two fundamental types of program and two fundamental types of image file that they can work with.

Raster-based programs allow you to create and edit images that are made up of dots, or pixels. These programs are used for editing photos in formats such as JPG and GIF, because these files are pixel-based.

The other type of image is known as a vector-based file. A vector-based image is made up of lines and other shapes, rather than dots. The advantage of vector-based images is that they can be scaled or resized pretty much infinitely without any loss of quality. A pixel-based image, however, can't be enlarged without losing quality - which is what happens when you zoom a digital photo and it becomes grainy or blocky.

Inkscape is a top-class vector-based editing and drawing program. It's free, and open source, and you can download it from https://inkscape.org/en/ as a 66 MB file. There are various downloads available, for Windows, Linux and Mac, all of which are listed at https://inkscape.org/en/release/0.92.2/platforms/.

The site is rated as reputable by Web of Trust. The Windows .EXE installer causes issues for 1 of VirusTotal's 62 scanning engines, which is undoubtedly a false alarm and can be discounted. The program is quite safe to use, and has hundreds of thousands of users all over the world. And not without good reason, as this really is a top-class program. Just take a look at the gallery at https://inkscape.org/en/gallery/ if you want to see what it's capable of.

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Not mentioned is the fact that Inkscape makes use of the Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) file format, a World Wide Web Consortium open format for vector graphics. This is the vector format used wherever possible on Wikipedia and throughout Wikimedia, yielding thousands of high-quality, freely usable vector graphics.

For some Windows 10 users, the first time starting up will take several minutes. It does NOT show any program window until after it has processed all of the fonts, although it is running in the task view window. (I started several instances when I thought it wasn't running.) Apparently, it's loading and processing all of the system fonts. One forum testor mentioned that the nightly development build didn't have that problem anymore. Hopefully that will be the case for everyone.