Get Your Mind Organized In 2018


MindmeisterIf one of your new year resolutions is to get yourself more organized, you're going to need some software on your PC to help you. And you're going to want that software to be free, of course, which is why you visit this web site so often.

My current favourite software for organizing things is a mind map, so I'm going to start 2018 by writing about two freebies in this area - one online and one that runs on your PC under Windows.

To start, the online one. It's called Mindmeister and you'll find it at Don't panic at the price list on which starts at $4.99 a month. Scroll a little further down and you'll find the free plan, which gives you 3 mindmaps and unlimited collaboration and sharing.

If you've not tried mindmaps before, give it a go. It's a great way to organize thoughts in a non-linear way, and with a free option like this you have nothing to lose.

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"I'm.... writing about two freebies ..... - one online and one that runs on your PC under Windows"
Where's the "one that runs on your PC under Windows"?

The article for the PC version is yet to come. MC - Site Manager.

I saw the online version, Mindmeister, so where's the Word version?