All Your Christmas And New Year Party Music Sorted. For Free.


Tidal music streamingOnline streaming music services such as Spotify and Amazon Music have changed the way we listen. There's no need to buy CDs any more. Just summon up the track or album you want, and it streams instantly on your PC, phone or smart speaker.

Streaming service Tidal, while not as well known as the big names, has a library of more than 40 million tracks. And unlike the others, offers lossless streaming. This means that the audio files are bit-for-bit copies of the CD tracks, without being compressed in order to avoid using so much internet bandwidth.

Tidal normally costs around $20 a month for lossless streaming, and $10 for standard. But if you've never used Tidal before, or never used any online music streaming before, here's your chance to check it out for free.

Starting on Christmas day, for 12 days, Tidal is completely free. You won't even need a credit card number to get the trial. So if you want to listen to top-quality music over Christmas, or for your New Year's Eve party, here's a good way to get as much as you can handle.

Check out from 25 December until January 6th.

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I've been a paid subscriber to Tidal for nearly a year now and love it. I use it to stream uncompressed audio to my home-built hi-fi and the audio quality is wonderful and is essentially indistinguishable from playing direct from CD. By comparison, compressed streams from Spotify sound markedly inferior to CD. That's only when using a decent set of speakers and amps. Played through my computer speakers I can hear no difference between compressed and uncompressed music streams. So the moral is clear: if you can't hear a difference when playing through your speakers then there is no point paying for a high quality streaming music service.

I opted to use on my Andoid phone, but I cannot login to the app despite receiving a welcome email. I have submitted a support ticket... on Christmas Day! Not a good start. :-(

PS From a wave to a ripple!!

PPS It is now Boxing Day and I still can't login to the app. ;-(

Recently found an email from Tidal re my inability to kogin to their andropid app: the email told me to login! I then attempted to reply to the email, but was told my support ticket was no longer valid. :-(

The app has now been, unsurprislingly, uninstalled from my phone whilst I listen to Simon & Garfunkel's, The Sound Of Silence. ;-)


As always, I appreciate Rob's finds. I checked out the website. A few odd things caught my eye.

First, lossless streaming through their web player on the PC platform is only supported on Chrome. That's not the only way you can listen, however. Second, when you click on the "Press" link in the Menu section, all of the articles are from 2015. It makes me wonder about the service a little bit.

A good thing: Supposedly you can import playlists from other services you might use, like Spotify, or from your own locally-stored music files.

If you are into this sort of thing, the service is probably worth checking out.