Automate Your Typing With Phrase Express


Phrase ExpressPhrase Express is a Windows automation program that lets you assign words or phrases to a macro which you can then insert into any document or web site by selecting from a menu or pressing a hotkey.

The program is commercial, but there's also a freeware version for non-commercial home use.

To get Phrase Express, head to for the download. The file is around 17 MB and is malware-free according to VirusTotal.

One useful feature of the program is that it maintains a cache of your clipboard entries and adds them to a special menu in order that you can retype any of them again with a single keypress. So if you copy some text to your clipboard and then copy something else instead, both entries will be preserved on the Clipboard Cache menu.

Phrase Express works in Windows 7, 8 and 10. I tested it in Windows 10 and found no issues at all.

Note that the download is the full commercial version. It will automatically downgrade itself to the freeware edition after the trial period is over, unless you pay for a licence code.

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Very useful program and free for personal use ... I recommend it even if you use only (like I do) the "clipboard history" feature!
It's already a big big time-saver.

I used this for a couple of years when I was doing stuff that required the creation of documents with a lot of standard "boilerplate" text. I found it very useful, user-friendly and certainly a real time-saver. A pretty good program.