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Online OCRConverting text to an image file on your PC is easy. Every photo editing program lets you add text to an image, in the font, size and colour of your choice.

But what about trying to do it the other way round? What if you have some text, which is in the form of a scanned image file, and you want that text in an editable form?

Text in an image is no longer text. It's just a collection of pixels that could just as easily be an elephant as a paragraph of prose. So in order to turn a scanned page back into text, we need to use something called OCR or Optical Character Recognition.

If you need to OCR an image and you don't have any suitable software at hand, check out https://www.onlineocr.net/ which is a free online service. Upload your image file (maximum size 15 MB), and it'll convert it for you. You can then download the text and edit it with whatever program you like.

There's even a free email service (details are on the site), so you can email the image file to the site and they'll email you the text right back.

The service is free to use, for up to 15 pages per hour. If you need more than that, read the details on the site for information on how to earn more credits.

(Thanks to Bernard Zimmermann for telling me about this excellent site).

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If you register (Still free), you get:

Adobe PDF
Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (xls)
Microsoft Excel (xlsx)
Microsoft Word 97-2003 (doc)
Microsoft Word (docx)
RTF document (rtf)
Text Plain (txt)

http://free-online-ocr.com/ is one I like better because it can convert to rtf. I'm still looking for one that converts to an open format, like odf, instead of Microsoft proprietary DOCX.